The Sunscreen Mistake Australian Women Are Making Every Day

A dermatologist busts the number one myth.
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You’ve probably been told that wearing sunscreen is a non-negotiable beauty rule. Yet, the truth is a lot of us aren’t applying enough nor applying it correctly.

Sunscreen’s first (and most important) line of business is protecting your skin from harmful UV rays as one part of a broader sun safety routine (remember: slip, slop, slap!), but it’s also a plus in any skincare regimen

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However, for sunscreen to have its intended effect, it needs to be applied correctly—and you need to use the right product and amount.

The rule of thumb is to use at least a third of a teaspoon, but if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun, you’ll likely need more. 

And if you think lathering on that SPF-inclusive foundation will suffice, you could be mistaken…

Can I Use SPF Foundation Instead Of Sunscreen?

In short: No!

Leading Dermatologist Dr Katherine Armour explains: “One of the main myths I find almost every day at work is the belief that using a foundation or moisturiser with SPF offers enough protection and that’s not the case.”

“I say to my patients, ‘those overseas formulas are a useful adjunct but they’re not designed for the Australian sun’. The reason for that is that they don’t offer broad-spectrum protection so if you’re going to be outdoors you need to wear a sunscreen as well.”


When it comes to choosing a sunscreen, Dr Armour advises, “the right formula is, quite simply, one that you like. If you don’t like the feel of it you won’t use it”.

Which Face Sunscreens Can Be Layered Under Makeup?

If you’re struggling to layer sunscreen under your makeup, you may need to play around with the products on your shelf to ensure everything works together. 


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