The Buzz Worthy Anti-Ageing Ingredients You Need To Know About

When you're scanning your skincare ingredients list, make sure these are in the mix

Your best-ever skin starts right here. Sally Hunwick investigates buzz ingredients, skin-affecting lifestyle traps and complexion-boosting advice from the experts.


Just as they do for our gut, probiotics are able to strengthen skin’s natural antimicrobial properties as well as “balance the skin’s microflora,” says Dr Dendy Engelman, consulting dermatologist for Elizabeth Arden. “Probiotics help the skin’s natural ability to function at optimal level.”

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Look for glycolic, mandelic and tartaric: “They exfoliate the skin and make new skin cells,” says dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook. “Long-term use increases collagen and elastin levels. The cell exfoliation also helps fade and even skin tone.”

Try: Dr Natasha Cook Concentrated Clarifier, $95; Rationale Catalyst Serum, $154

Vitamin B3

Also known as niacinamide, “B3 repairs DNA, preserves the skin’s immune system from UV and environmental damage, prevents damage to collagen, stops pigmentation and even skin tone,” says Cook. “It also reduces inflammation.”

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Vitamin A

Also known as retinol and retinoid, vitamin A also “gets rid of dead and damaged skin cells,” says Cook.

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Able to send signals to our cells, peptides target issues such as wrinkles, dark spots and undereye bags. “Peptides tell skin to rebuild more collagen or elastin,” says Paula Begoun, Paula’s Choice founder.

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The good kind of fats, ceramides are what helps keep your skin cells together. “These moisture magnets bond the skin cells together to create a barrier within the skin’s surface … creating a protective layer that plumps the skin and locks in moisture,” Karelle Messner, vice-president of Global Skincare Product Development at Elizabeth Arden explains.

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