The Best Ultra Violette Sunscreens, According To Us

They're cult for a reason.

There’s a reason Australia’s Ultra Violette sunscreens are so talked about. That cult status was borne from great formulations, genius marketing strategies and straight-forward messaging – everyone needs to wear sunscreen, every day, but it doesn’t have to be sticky, irritating or messy to apply.

We’re big fans of Ultra Violette here at marie claire, but we do have our favourites. While the range is small and self-explanatory, we have tried them all and three stand out as our top tier choices when it comes to everyday wear.

Below are our favourite Ultra Violette sunscreens for everyone.

For Sensitive Skin: Ultra Violette Lean Screen SPF 50+

lean screen

For a long time, physical sunscreens (those that use mineral ingredients to deflect UV rays) has been that they sit on the skin, often creating a white cast, and are thick and uncomfortable to apply and wear.

However, Ultra Violette Lean Screen SPF 50 finally solved these issues. It’s lightly tinted, which means it doesn’t throw white when applied – even on darker skin tones – and while it’s thicker than some of the other products in the range, it’s still light on skin and easy to apply. 

Best of all, it’s fragrance free and only uses minerals for sun protection, meaning it’s comfortable on easily irritated skin.

For Most People: Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+

queen screen

This one is a favourite of most Ultra Violette sunscreen fans. Why? It applies like a serum – light, watery, glowy. It’s almost like a gentle illuminator for your face under makeup (or worn alone). The sun protection is top tier, but the look and feel is so light, you almost doubt it works. But it does – very well – and I’ve never found anything quite like it in market. 

The downside is it’s fragranced, so if your skin or nose is reactive to fragrances, it’s likely not for you.

For The Car: Ultra Violette Extreme Screen Hand & Body Sunscreen SPF 50+

extreme screen

While all the Ultra Violette sunscreens can now be bought in adorable mini versions as a set, this 30ml everyday sunscreen is perfect for stashing in the car.

Something we often forget to do is sunscreen our hands and arms, and if your commute to work involves driving, you’re at risk of everything from premature ageing and pigmentation to skin cancer on these areas, thanks to sunlight streaming through windshields. 

This is a great all-rounder sunscreen and the smaller size means you can pop it in the glovebox to be on hand at all times.

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