12 Unisex Scents That Are Changing The Fragrance Game

Add one of these to your spritz rotation.

When it comes to perfumes, everyone has their favourite. That one signature scent they’ve come to be known by, that they keep coming back to time and time again. That being said, it doesn’t mean there’s never any room for new fragrances, especially ones that are a little outside the box. 

Unisex fragrances are having a major moment right now, and it’s not hard to see why.  These scents are versatile, unique and universally flattering, so what’s not to love? Smoky, spicy, leathery, fresh fragrances have the ability to compliment all genders, making them a great option for anyone looking for something a little different. 


Luckily for us, quite a few of our favourite fragrance brands have already jumped aboard the unisex train. We’ve also discovered a few new brands that specialise in unisex scents, and it’s safe to say we’re obsessed. 

Below, 12 unisex fragrances we’re loving right now (and that definitely deserve a place on your spritz rotation). 


Smokeshow 100mL, $158 from SŚAINT

A striking balance between masculine and feminine, this fragrance is filled with sultry, earthy notes inspired by dusk’s golden hour. With warming scents of cloves, chestnut and vanilla, it’s incredibly long-lasting and undeniably alluring. 


HIS/HER 100mL, $159 from who is elijiah

Dedicated to all the ‘firsts’ in a relationship, this unique scent has the ability to compliment anyone. With an expert balance of sweet, spicy and fresh, it’s sensual, warm and nostalgic.


Le Labo Santal 33 100mL, $467 from MECCA

A cult classic for a reason, this fragrance is big and bold. With notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk, it’s filled with spice and an addictive, alluring quality.


CELINE Bois Dormant Perfume 100mL, $420 from CELINE


diptyque Philosykos 100mL, $238 from MECCA

A celebration of the fig tree, the overwhelming notes of this fragrance are unsurprisingly, figs. Barky leaves and white cedar are prominent undertones, balanced out with refreshing notes of coconut and blackcurrant. 


Tom Ford Black Orchid 100mL, $310 from Myer

Giving major sultry, seductive and exotic energy, this is a floral yet musky fragrance that lasts all day. 


Bal D’Afrique 100mL, $340 from BYREDO

Inspired by the rich landscape of Africa, this perfume expertly blends wood and spices with delicate floral essences. The final result is incredibly sensual and undeniably vibrant.


Lazy Sunday Morning 100mL, $205 from Maison Margiela

A refreshing floral scent with undertones of clean cotton sheets, this is the definition of Sunday morning magic. If you’re looking for a fragrance that is clean and comforting, then this is the one. 


Tuxedo 125mL, $355 from Yves Saint Laurent 

Androgynous, erotic and bold — this fragrance combines dry and smoked amber with sour berries for a unique scent. Eternally bold and innately sexual, it’ll capture attention wherever you go. 


Ellis Brooklyn Salt EDP 50mL, $158 from MECCA

If you’re looking for a fragrance to transport you to a tropical holiday, look no further than this one. With Tahitian tiare, magnolia dianica and ylang ylang, it’s like a tropical breeze and sun-toasted skin in a bottle. Magic. 


Arabian Oud 50mL, $135 from Lumira

Filled with mystery and charm, this scent blends rose, oud and sandalwood for an enchanting blend that lingers on the skin for hours after that first spray. 


Tom Ford Oud Wood 100mL, $520 from MECCA

The name says it all really — a warming blend of woody, spicy notes that are deliciously dark and sensual.

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