Bidirectional Beauty: The Latest Skincare Trend We’re Obsessed With

We’re done with only touching the surface of skincare.

These days, we know that beauty isn’t just skin deep. It’s more than just looking good, it’s about feeling good too.

Trending skincare treatments – those lotions and serums we apply religiously each morning and night – can sometimes only go so far, so now, we’re taking a 360 approach to our skin.

Enter: bidirectional beauty.

A new (bi)direction

Think of bidirectional beauty as skincare that works from the inside out and the outside in. That is, ingestible beauty that works in tandem with topical treatments for skin that is luminous and rejuvenated.

As the experts in ingestible beauty, Vida Glow has developed a routine that works as a 360 approach to anti-ageing. Their new Age Defiance range works synergistically with the brand’s best-selling Natural Marine Collagen to target all layers of the skin.

Natural Marine Collagen rejuvenates on a cellular level, for a firmer, brighter and smoother complexion, penetrating where topicals can’t reach and addressing the skin’s biological foundation from within.

Vida Glow Age Defiance range and Natural Marine Collagen
Vida Glow’s Age Defiance range works synergistically with their best-selling Natural Marine Collagen, for skincare that works on the inside and out.

Then, products in the Age Defiance range work on the skin’s outermost layer (the epidermis). This top superficial layer is often the first to show the signs of ageing, with the products boosting cellular renewal on a surface level.

When paired with an ingestible beauty supplement, it makes for a cross-dermal approach to boosting our skin’s health and overall appearance. 

The range that does it all… and more

Vida Glow Age Defiance is clinically proven, and scientifically formulated with Swiss technology. It’s also powered by a revolutionary, first to market anti-ageing elixir called Lumiséa.  The trademarked active ingredient combines two bio marine actives.

Sea urchin collagen peptides move between relaxed and firm states by generating neuropeptides (known as ‘messenger molecules’). Lumiséa harnesses these neuropeptides to strengthen collagen fibres and encourage firmer skin.  

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The cell adaptability and resiliency properties of ExoPolySaccharides (found in the protective layer of plankton) are also used to promote microcirculation and improve oxygen flow and nutrient delivery to the skin.

The powerful active is used in all three products in the Age Defiance range to firm and rejuvenate the skin in just three synergistic steps.

Bidirectional beauty: a complete routine

Vida Glow Age Defiance range
Vida Glow Age Defiance Eye Contour Cream, $120; Vida Glow Age Defiance Rapid Renewal Serum, $130; Vida Glow Age Defiance Hydra Memory Cream, $130.

So how do you put a bidirectional beauty routine into practice?

Start with the Age Defiance Eye Contour Cream –  an advanced anti-wrinkle formulation that addresses signs of ageing around the delicate eye area and delivers 24-hour long-lasting hydration. The deep-sea actives hydrate, fill fine lines and oxygenate delicate skin for brighter and smoother eyes.

To firm and smooth over wrinkles and fine lines, follow with Age Defiance Rapid Renewal Serum. The all-in-one serum protects skin barrier function and offers a rapid smoothing effect, visibly reducing the appearance of epidermal ageing in just 30 minutes.

Finish with the Age Defiance Hydra Memory Cream for soothing, and lasting hydration. Formulated with four forms of Hyaluronic Acid to penetrate different layers of the skin, the cream effectively restores water content and locks in moisture for up to 24 hours. It also contains shea butter, a plant-based oil that helps protects the skin’s barrier, with anti-inflammatory and moisture retention benefits.

The Age Defiance range has been formulated to work synergistically with Vida Glow’s Marine Natural Collagen supplement. Depending on the desired speed of results and your skin’s ageing concerns, use one to three sachets per day for skin that is perfectly glowing, from both the inside and out.

Shop the Vida Glow Age Defiance range here.

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