This Criminally Under-Rated Product Can Transform Your Complexion

No expert would ever skip it

So you’d never leave the house without a quick flick of mascara, and can’t imagine stepping out without a concealer stick in tow. But how many of us neglect to buff some blush into our complexions? Too many, says internationally renowned makeup artist Michael Ashton.

“I am a huge fan of blush,” he tells us. “It can instantly lift any makeup look.” Given that he’s not only Adele’s personal makeup and hair stylist, but a Marc Jacobs Beauty global artistry ambassador as well, we’re prepared to agree with him. Below, Ashton’s tips for getting blush right – including why you should consider using a lipstick for the job. 

What’s the trick to getting blush right?

When I was born in the 80s, blush was very obvious and it tended to be right on the high plane of the cheek going right up to the temple. That can be an incredible editorial look, but for a woman every day, blush is best worn on the apple of the cheek and just diffused out and up the cheekbone a little bit. 

When do you use blush on clients?

It would be a very rare occasion when I wouldn’t use blush on a client. I love blush because it can really give added lift to the face, whether it be a powder blush or a lipstick used as blush.

You use lipstick as blush?
I love the new Marc Jacobs Beauty New Nudes lipsticks as a cream blush. There’s a beautiful shade called In The Nude. What I love about this one is it’s a really beautiful, soft, peachy nude and when you blend it out it just gets the skin. The formulation is kind of like a gel-textured lipstick, so it is very bendable, but basically, any lipstick can double as a really beautiful cream blush.

Can all skin types use a cream blush?

if you have oilier skin you’re probably going to be better off using a powder blush. But then also if you have super-oily skin, sometimes a powder blush can go a bit dark and a little muddy. So, if you have an oilier complexion you might want to use a brighter blush than you think you should use, because it will dull down once it mixes with the natural oil of your skin. 

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