Bobs Are The Post-Lockdown Hairstyle Everyone Is Craving Right Now

From the collarbone bob to the French-inspired shag

Bobs are back and it’s not just fun to say, it’s true.

Although if you ask us, chic short hair is always in style and taking the plunge to transform your lengths with a signature chop can be a truly defining moment – just ask Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne and Ruby Rose.

In the past, we’ve seen longer lobs and structured bobs take centre stage, but this season, award-winning hairstylist Anthony Nader says, “the interior of the bobs have been shaken up a fraction. If you want to wear a more textured or wavy bob, you have those shorter layers in the haircut you can play with.”

Through the doors of RAW Anthony Nader (Nader’s salon in Surry Hills); “I am also finding curtain fringes are big for this season, more than ever – my salon clients want to show that they’ve had an actual haircut, rather than something that is more grown out and one length.

But if you’re not ready for something shaggy, a traditional bob is just as bang on. Specifically, “bobs that are definitely shorter in length and more precise and showcasing nice healthy, blunt ends”, says Nader.

“What I am gauging from my salon clients is the shorter the better as they want a complete change.”

Feeling the same? Here are more bob styles to inspire you…

jenna dewan bob

Collarbone bob

This borderline lob look features longer layers towards the front that rest at collarbone length. It’s a great transition cut for those who are tempted to go short but are unsure if it’ll suit them.

jourdan dunn bob

Glass bob

Sleek, glossy and slightly curved inwards, the glass bob is a glamorous choice for those who prefer straight styles and weaves. Shine spray at the ready.

Nader’s top tip:I’m a complete lover of applying a serum or a shine spray on damp hair, as this absorbs into the hair far better than on dry hair. Blowdry into the hair if time permits as this will give strands more sheen without out making your hair look like it is oily. This is especially vital for blondes where they put on these products on dry hair blonde strands tend to look dirtier quicker.”

side swept bob

Side swept bob

The side fringe of the 00s is slowly creeping back… and we don’t mind it. Particularly when paired with an above-the-shoulder bob.

yara shahidi bob

Curly bob

Curls can embrace the shorter style too, as seen here on Yara Shahidi. A look like this relies more on styling than the cut and where the hair is parted.

julianne hough shaggy bob

Shaggy bob

Layered, textured and just the right amount of swish. The shaggy bob looks great paired with a curtain fringe, or flipped to one side.

Nader’s top tip: “Even though curtain bangs are kept on the longer side and grow out faster, this is key for making sure your curtain bangs appear lived-in and sexier, rather than having it cut too short above the eyebrows, [which takes it] back to preschool days. Keeping length longer is more French girl inspired.

emilia clarke bob

Shattered bob

No blunt ends in sight. The shattered bob is all about choppy layers, adding movement to limp and lifeless hair types.

michelle williams bob

Structured bob

Blunt, even ends and not a hair out of place. The structured bob compliments a platinum colour perfectly.

kerry washington bob

Textured bob

Those with thicker, wavier hair can also nail a cheek-grazing cut. Just consult with your hairdresser before getting your heart set on a length, as your curl pattern and the amount of volume you seek will determine where it lies.

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