Here Are The Best New Facials For Skin Brightening

Try them out in the new year

We tried and tested three new facial trends and the results are in. These treatments are ideal for reducing redness, dullness and increasing brightness as we swing into the new year. 

1. THE FACIAL The Intrinsic

THE ISSUE Puffiness and facial tension

WHAT IT IS Loved by celebrities and royalty (Meghan Markle is a fan), the Intrinsic is your traditional facial with added benefits. Incorporating intra-oral massage (that is massage from within your mouth) this inside- outside treatment offers deep-down tension release, lymph drainage and a radiance-inducing oxygen boost.

WHAT IT FELT LIKE We visited Isabella Loneragan, founder of the Dermal Diary in Sydney, to try her Intrinsic facial. This treatment offered traditional facial sculpting massage as well as a super-relaxing skin infusion using ultrasound, before finishing with about 15 minutes of internal massage. With gloved hands, Loneragan massages the nasolabial folds, jaw muscles, cheeks and lips to boost blood circulation and oxygen to the skin.

PAIN LEVEL Two out of 10. There is very little pain but you may feel a bit of muscle tension being worked out around your jaw.

THE RESULTS I felt super calm and my skin instantly looked more radiant and lifted. Another big plus: I felt much more relaxed around my jawline and cheeks, so consider this treatment a goodie for stress-related clenching.

NUMBER OF TREATMENTS Swap this for your regular four-to-six-weekly facial.

WHERE TO GET IT The Dermal Diary;

HOW MUCH $260 per treatment

2. THE FACIAL Fire & Ice

THE ISSUE Dullness and congestion

WHAT IT IS Aka the “Hollywood Red Carpet Facial”, this is the mid-point between a hydration facial and a peel. Two masks exfoliate and stimulate collagen production with no downtime.

WHAT IT FELT LIKE The resurfacing mask of glycolic and citric acid, retinol, niacinamide and cinnamon (it smelt like a chai latte), made my skin feel very warm. Then came the calming hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, green tea and liquorice extract gel.

PAIN LEVEL Five out of 10. The tingling of the “ re” mask was intense but satisfying, and was soothed by the “ice” leave-on mask that followed.

THE RESULTS A clearer, smoother, spot-free glow for at least a week.

NUMBER OF TREATMENTS Great as a one-off, or monthly.

WHERE TO GET IT Amirova Cosmetic Clinic;

HOW MUCH $300 for 60 minutes

3. THE FACIAL Dr McCaffery’s Acne Treatment


WHAT IT IS Developed and perfected in-clinic over 20 years, this drug-free acne treatment eliminates breakouts by targeting those pesky sebaceous glands that are producing too much oil and too many skin cells. Using an ultra-fine probe to penetrate each problematic gland, this treatment helps stop acne, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads in their tracks.

WHAT IT FELT LIKE This treatment, unique to Clear Skincare Clinics, starts with a thorough consultation to work out the best treatment for your individual needs. You’ll feel a tiny zap on each sebaceous gland as the probe penetrates, but the sensation is usually pretty mild. You can also book in for the brand’s signature acne peel, which uses salicylic acid to help dissolve the oil, sebum and dead skin cells blocking pores and causing whiteheads, blackheads and congestion. 

PAIN LEVEL Five out of 10.You’ll feel a little zap as each sebaceous gland is treated, but typically the sensation is fairly mild.

THE RESULTS Expect to put the breaks on spots and help fade the marks they leave behind.

NUMBER OF TREATMENTS For best results, book in a treatment every two to four weeks. Depending on the severity of the breakouts, you’ll need 6-12 treatments, sometimes more.

WHERE TO GET IT Clear Skincare Clinics;

HOW MUCH From $129

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