I Got My Eyebrows ‘Laminated’ And The Results Were Incredible

Achieve Cara Delevingne-level brows in only an hour.

Next to new Netflix shows, self-care and Lizzo, I think it’s fairly safe to say eyebrows (and all that’s associated with them) are a fairly universal cultural obsession.

Whether you blame Emilia Clarke and her extremely expressive, envy-inducing arches, or the rise in popularity of techniques like feather-touch tattooing or soap brows, there’s no denying we’re all preoccupied with those two arches that have the power to alter your entire face.

And now there’s a new treatment on the proverbial block: Brow lamination. In fact, so new is brow lamination that when I questioned my brow artisan at Sydney’s famed Amy Jean Brow Agency about it, she revealed they’d only been offering the treatment for just over a month.

And because part of my job is to play guinea pig for some of the beauty world’s freshest (and, occasionally, intimidating) trends, I put my hand up to sample brow lamination in the name of research. Here’s what I learned…

What Is Brow Lamination?

Also known as Keratin Brow Lamination, this treatment is essentially akin to a perm for your brows.

It involves first applying a Keratin solution to the brows to soften and tame them into position, thereby straightening them and allowing your brow technician to brush them into an aesthetically pleasing arch.

A second (and sometimes third) solution is then applied to effectively lock the hairs into place so you look salon-fresh, 24/7.

The finished result should be sleeker, thicker, fuller and neater.

How Does It Work And What Does It Feel Like?

You should typically allow around an hour for a brow lamination (Amy Jean’s version take 75 minutes), depending on whether you’re getting a tint and shape too.

For my treatment, I was asked to lie down on a bed under a bright light. My artisan cleansed my brows first, removing all makeup, so she could get a clear look at the shape.

Then, it’s about applying the different solutions, leaving each of them on for roughly 10 minutes with a piece of glad wrap over them to seal the solution in.

I felt a slight tingling/burning sensation, but nothing I couldn’t handle. In fact, the whole process was so relaxing I very near fell asleep mid-treatment.

Once all the solutions were applied and removed, my technician set about tinting my brows, then finished off by waxing them and removing any stray hairs. She explained that saving this part until the end allows her to ensure all hairs are utilised and treated and no over-waxing occurs.

brow lamination before and after
Before my brow lamination (left) and after (right).

The Results

Prior to my visit to Amy Jean Brow Agency, I could probably best describe my brows as “passable”.

A light mousy brown colour with a few sparse gaps here and there, I have typically plucked and styled them by myself, without professional intervention (and you can probably tell).

Post-brow lamination and my arches are nothing short of perfect. The before and after photos speak for themselves—my brows feel thicker, fuller and perfectly placed. As an added bonus, my brow artisan (shout out to Gloria) knew the perfect shade to give me for the tint.

eyebrow lamination before and after results
Before (top) and after (bottom) my brow lamination

It’s important to know that you’re not able to wet your brows for at least 24 hours post-treatment, to allow the Keratin to do its good work. This does mean you’re not able to go to the gym or partake in any summertime pool parties, but I promise it’s worth the wait.

My only complaint: the morning after my brow lamination, I woke to find my brows in a state of disarray thanks to my chaotic sleep movements.

Given they were now thicker and sturdier, it took a fair amount of combing through my spoolie in order to get them neat and orderly once again, and some brows were rendered permanently out of shape, curling slightly downwards. I’d recommend getting the treatment done early in the morning so you have a full day for the brows to set (and maybe sleep on your back?).

I also found that while my brow hairs were more lustrous, the volume, shape and upward direction of the hairs served to emphasise a few gaps I had, meaning my brow pencil was more crucial than ever. Finally, your brows will feel different (almost like they’ve got hairspray on them) and will sit closer to your skin than usual.

How Much Does A Brow Lamination Cost?

Most salons, including Amy Jean, who has locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, will offer a tint and shape as part of the overall price.

At Amy Jean Brow Agency, a brow lamination will set you back around $130 and other salons offer the service at on or around this price point.

You can book in for a brow lamination here.

Amy Jean Brow Agency
Amy Jean Brow Agency

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