Buccal Fat Removal Is The Beauty Industry Secret To Chiselled Cheekbones

The surgical treatment is proving immensely popular

Buccal face fat treatments are becoming one of the most highly-requested plastic surgery treatments on the market; but what exactly are they, and why are they so sought-after?

The surgical treatment aims to give clients a more defined cheek and jawbone area—and a face of Bella Hadid-like proportions—for people who aren’t happy with their current face shape.

According to Sydney’s The Plastic Surgery Clinic & Medispa, the buccal fat reduction surgery aims to correct “prominent or chubby cheeks” for clients, and create a more defined cheek area.

This involves removing a portion of the ‘buccal fat’ region in your cheeks to whatever suits you best—presenting clients with defined, natural-looking cheekbones where they previously had an abundance of buccal fat.

As far as facial surgeries and other forms of liposuction go, buccal fat removal is a reasonably palatable process—with the surgery tending to be complete within an hour. There are no major side-effects, either; and people undertaking the surgery are more than likely to be home on the same day.

As for results, The Plastic Surgery Clinic & Medispa says your cheeks should start to take on a new, improved shape around six weeks post-op, and that you could even see further changes after that date.

For a relatively non-intrusive surgery, it makes sense that buccal fat removal is one of industry’s biggest recent surgical sensations—and we don’t expect to see the trend slowing down any time soon.

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