The Busy Girl’s Guide To Morning Beauty

Time-saving tips to help you get out the door quicker

Whether you’re time poor or just not into fussing with a million different steps, streamlining your morning beauty routine with a few simple tips can help ensure you get out the door looking fab without all the fuss. Think products that work overtime so you don’t have to, time-saving hacks and knowing where to focus your attention.

  1. Get prepped ahead of time

A little bit of preparation goes a long way and can save you loads of time on the daily, so taking the time to get your eyebrows professionally done (whether it’s waxing and dying or semi-permanent) and your eyelashes tinted, means you don’t have to spend time on them each morning. Spray or fake tans can also help you get out the door quicker by providing you with a bit of get up and glow before you’ve even applied any products.

  1. Get your products working harder for you

 Think multitasking products like power palettes that can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks, and BB and CC creams not only provide coverage but are also working in the background – and usually contain SPF so you’re ticking three boxes in 1.

 Also, opt for products which will keep working for you all day long, Nivea Shower Clay Lavender & Blue Agave uses the power of natural kaolin clay to get you clean and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

  1. Know your strengths

When you’re short for time you don’t want to be attempting things like winged eyeliner or a smoky eye if these are not your forte – save these for the weekends when you have time to perfect them. Stick with a go-to beauty routine for day-to-day that focuses on your best asset that you can master in next to no time. So if you love your eyes, make them the feature so they pop, or if you are all about a natural glow spend time on bronzer and highlighter.

  1. Pick one area to perfect

If you’re short of time don’t try and do everything half-way, instead pick one and nail it. So if you’re focusing on your face, save time on your hair by putting it in a fuss-free simple pony (an on-trend hair clip is an easy way to elevate the look without spending a lot of time). And if your locks need a little extra loving, then keep your make-up simple.

  1. When all else fails, go for a bold lip

Nothing draws the attention away from other areas and elevates your look like a bold lip.









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