‘Caramel Balayage’ Is The Simple And Chic No-Fuss Hair Colour Trend To Sweeten Your Strands

Sickly sweet.

With each and every year, hair colour trends come and go, but of course, the desire for a natural and low-maintenance hair hue is forever.

Now, the technique of balayage is hardly new, its warm style of highlighting is the latest must-have when it comes to summer-ready strands.

Enter: Caramel Balayage.

And while some may argue that a lack of energy or time shouldn’t determine the aesthetics of one’s tresses, stylists think otherwise, thanks to the dyeing technique that has now reemerged in a sweet colour way, just in time for the upcoming warmer seasons.

Speaking of professionals, Amanda Tua, Founder & Creative Director at Amanda Tua Hair gives a warm-toned balayage a thumbs up.

“Caramel Balayage refers to seamless, yet high contrast highlights with a warm golden undertone,” Tua tells marie claire Australia. “It’s best suited to light brown and dark brunette bases, Caramel Balayage adds dimension and shimmer, whilst maintaining your natural root colour”.

Caramel Balayage
(Credit: @hairbysahra)

As for whether significantly lighter or deeper hair colours can sport a Caramel Balayage? Tua says “definitely”, adding that it’s “dependent on how well your hair lightens”.

“Lighter bases will lighten easily whereas darker bases may wield a darker result. Then it is a matter of working with your stylist to choose your desired caramel shade dependent on the base you have lightened to.

But of course, while dyeing your tresses the sickly sweet hue is possible, it all depends on what you ask—and what you show—your stylist.

“There are varying shades of caramel balayage, from your lighter, cooler variants, to slightly darker yet warmer hues,” she advises. “The best idea is to bring in inspo pics or visuals of the tones you prefer. Remember any colour you mention is up for interpretation, but a visual really solidifies that your stylist and yourself are on the same page.

And for those looking for a no-fuss colour, especially in those months when you’d prefer to spend weekends sunbathing rather than with your stylist, maintenance methods don’t need to be frequent, according to Tua.

“Due to the seamless, sun kissed nature of a caramel balayage, you can go three to four months between lightening sessions— depending on your natural hair shade,” she explains.

“I recommend a toner and treatment appointment every eight to ten weeks to keep the colour fresh and the ends hydrated and silky”.

Ready for a colour change up? Scroll down to for the best ‘Caramel Balayage’ photos to inspire your next salon visit.

Caramel Balayage
(Credit: @suetyrrellstylist)
Caramel Balayage
(Credit: @lunahairco)
Caramel Balayage
(Credit: @amandatuahair)
Caramel Balayag
(Credit: @bestofbalayage)
Caramel Balayage
(Credit: @aidan_edwardsandco)
Caramel Balayage
(Credit: @_edwardsandco)
Caramel Balayage
(Credit: @bestofbalayage)

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