You Won’t Believe How Much Carrie Bickmore Has Changed Since The Early 2000s

Carrie, is that really you?

One of the downsides of being a celebrity is that every bad hair day, wardrobe malfunction and weight fluctuation is photographed and posted on the internet for the rest of your life (and beyond). But Carrie Bickmore can clearly see the funny side – in fact, she’s shared three of her most – ahem – avant-garde hairstyles with her Instagram following to document her “hair journey”. 

We’re used to seeing Carrie looking gorgeous and glamorous every night at 6pm sharp, but the below throwback photos show she used to look very different to the TV host we know and love. We’re most shocked by Carrie Bickmore circa 2005: 

Kudos to Carrie for sharing – it’s just another reason why we love you.

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