Carrie Bickmore reveals the real reason behind her new hair

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Fans couldn’t quite believe it when natural blonde Carrie Bickmore dyed her hair a dark brunette in August last year – and now she’s changed up her look on us once again.

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Back to work after the summer holidays, Bickmore took to Instagram to share a snap of her new colour – a lighter version of her original brunette that fades to bronde through the mid-lengths to ends.

The effect is summery and fresh, but Bickmore has opened up about another savvy reason for the lighter dye job: concealing her grey hairs.

“Colour freshen up today after holiday hair,” Bickmore captions her post. “Added some highlights through the bottom and got rid of the greys!”

The quest to cover errant grey hairs is one many women will be familiar with, but few like to talk about. Kudos to Bickmore for bringing it out in the open. “I started going grey in my mid-20s but now it’s an all-out assault!” she writes. “Or maybe it’s just that I can see them now with brown hair.”

She adds: “Maybe I will just go with it one day and go fully grey. How liberating would that be ladies?”

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