My Beauty Rules: Catriona Rowntree

She reveals her skincare regimen and favourite products

The TV host and Clarins ambassador has been on camera for over two decades and has barely aged a day. We ask her how.

What is your skincare routine?

My skincare routine has always been quite simple. I cleanse, I use a serum and I moisturise. But as I’ve grown older, I now understand that if I don’t care for the inside, it’ll show on the outside. I take collagen daily, guzzle the water, consume olive oil whenever possible and moisturise the neck, the décolletage, and tops of hands.

What is one of your favourite products?

My skin has always been sensitive, so I’m thrilled I can use serums which I also now add to my foundation for extra glow. The Clarins Double Serum works wonders for me and I also love their Face Treatment Oils. I love the scent.

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How do you keep your skin looking so good?

The best gift I’ve ever given my skin is 24 years ago, I started [using] a compact with SPF in it. So, my shoulders may have a smattering of freckles from working outdoors every day, but not a single one on my face! Trust me on the sunscreen.

Do you book in for regular skin treatments?

In a perfect world, I’d be at that beauty salon weekly, but that’s not my reality. I’m a working mum and if I can’t do something in under 10 minutes, forget it. So masks, as I have a cuppa (Clarins Beauty Flash Balm or the SOS Hydra Face Mask), are perfect. If I’m organised I sign up for a Clear & Brilliant from Dr Tass in Melbourne. We are talking serious lit from within glow. Perfect before a big event…

What is your favourite makeup look?

I avoid heavy makeup; there’s no way I’d do contouring or shimmer. I like to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and my only request if I do have my makeup done is “I don’t want to look tired…coz I’m tired.”

If you could only have five makeup products in your makeup bag, what would they be?

They would be a cleanser, Clarins Double Serum, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, Becca Watermelon Lip and Cheek Tint, Lip Balm.


(L-R) Clarins Beauty Double Serum, $95; at, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, $65; at, Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon, $38; at, Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil, $55; at, Lanolips 101 Ointment, $14.95; at

What is your go-to hair look?

My hair is so thin, I never grew out of baby hair. So I asked this girl on Instagram with amazing hair ‘can I have some of your hair please?’ And she said ‘no, but if you use Davines All In One Milk, you’ll thank me forever.’

What is your best skin tip?

Years ago, I sat next to a stunning lady [who had] skin had a glow like no other, I couldn’t help myself, I leant over and asked ‘what’s your secret?’ And she whispered back, ‘a spoonful of olive oil every day.’ I have literally now bought shares in Cobram Estate as I took her at her word.

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