The 6 Celebrities Who Dyed Their Hair To Match Their Met Gala Dress

Now that’s commitment

We’re used to seeing matching nails, matching lips and even matching eyeshadow, both on the red carpet and in real life, but the Met Gala has been dominated by a new take on the trend: matching your hair to your dress.

Don’t believe us? Scroll for the surprisingly long list of celebrities who chose to change their hair colour to suit their red carpet frock – from Cara Delevingne’s shimmering silver pixie cut to Gigi Hadid’s new caramel hue to match her Tommy Hilfiger dress.

Kate Hudson’s sculptural topknot was peroxide white, to match her sleek Stella McCartney dress.

Bryce Scarlett dyed Gigi’s hair a slightly darker hue to match the tones of her Tommy Hilfiger gown.

Lily Collins boasted a jet-black bob to match the bodice of her gown.

Not only did Evan Rachel Wood’s grey-tinged hair complement her dress; it perfectly matched her silvery eyeshadow to boot.

Meanwhile, Claire Danes took things one step further – she dyed her brows silver. Because, avant-garde.

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