This Is How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips

But there's one bad habit you have to break first

When the temperature descends and the winds begin to increse, the health of one’s lips can sometimes take a turn for the worse. Instead of a soft, irresistible pout, you’re often left with dry, cracked and peeling lips – which, let’s be real here, no one wants. Although chapped lips are synonymous with the colder months, it’s not uncommon to experience a flaky pout during the summer season as well. But what actually causes chapped lips? Whether it be thanks to a gust of cold air or the sun’s harsh rays, chapped lips are a perennial beauty problem that can cause severe pain and discomfort if not treated correctly. 

Unlike your face and the rest of your body, your lips don’t produce natural oils hence why they’re more prone to cracking and peeling when assaulted by extreme temperatures. Your lips are rather delicate in comparison to the rest of your facial skin which increases their susceptibility to dryness, flakiness, splitting and peeling. Naturally, when the outermost layer of your lips dries out, they become rigid and pronounced which causes cracks to appear. So, how do you get rid of dry lips? While our first inclination is to reach for lip balm and apply it with a heavy hand, there are several alternative remedies that are just as effective when it comes to restoring your pucker to its former glory.

Below, how to cure chapped lips. 

1. Drink Plenty Of Water 

If you’re experiencing chapped lips it could be a sign that you’re dehydrated. Many underestimate the importance of proper hydration however your lips are one of the first places that show signs of dryness and flakiness when dehydrated. Drinking water regularly – dieticians suggest 2.1 litres or 8 glasses a day at the very minimum – is essential to boost the skin’s moisture levels. It’s also worthwhile to avoid spicy foods and citrus drinks, as these can further irritate chapped lips. 

2. Don’t Lick Your Lips

It’s an irritating yet persistent habit that we’re all guilty of. While it may seem inconsequential at the time, licking your lips won’t do you any good as far as cracked lips are concerned. When you lick your lips, the saliva evaporates and dries out your lips even more, leaving them vulnerable and exposed to the elements. To avoid getting caught up in the vicious lip licking cycle, carry a lip balm with you at all times and reapply whenever you feel the urge to lick your lips.

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3. Protect Your Lips With A Nourishing Balm

When it comes to chapped lips, being one step ahead of the lip care game is crucial if you want to restore and rejuvenate them. By staying hydrated, keeping your lips nourished regularly and stopping moisture from escaping, you’ll have smooth, lustrous lips in no time. Look for lip balms that have gentle formulas and are rich in nourishing ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, coconut butter, and olive oil. 

4. Apply Lip Oils Regularly 

Applying oils directly to the lips are an excellent way to improve the skin’s moisture barrier and protect it from environmental stressors. Oils are easily absorbed into the skin so they deeply nourish, repair and rejuvenate more than what synthetic ingredients do.  

5. Invest In A Humidifier

A humidifier can provide relief to your chapped lips as it increases the level of humidity in the air and in turn moistens the lips. This will also benefit those who breathe through their mouths as they are prone to developing chapped lips. 

6. Exfoliate With A Lip Scrub Twice A Week

Nothing works wonders like a good ol’ lip scrub. If you haven’t thought of exfoliating your lips then a lip scrub is the perfect way to gently remove dry skin. Not only do they remove dead skin, but lip scrubs also prevent dry skin from forming on the outer layer. To exfoliate your way to soft and supple lips, first, apply a generous amount of scrub of your choice to your lips in small circular motions and let it sit for 1-2 minutes before removing with a warm facecloth. Our personal favourite is the Frank Body Shimmer Lip Scrub.

There’s no doubt that restoring the health of your lips requires patience, persistence, and perseverance. It’s unlikely that results will be instant, however, depending on the condition of your lips improvements can be noticed in as quick as a few days. 

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