Cinnamon Hair Is The Perfect Trend For Brunettes Looking To Go Blonde

Brunettes, this one's for you

Hot on the heels of Vanilla Chai Blonde here’s another thirsty beverage-inspired hair colour trend to embrace this summer.

Enter, Cinnamon Blonde. A warm and spicy shade that at its heart is brown yet, is mixed with splices of bright shiny blonde. Think caramel highlights with a medium base.

To avoid damaging your hair we recommend adding highlights gradually. Just ask your hairstylist for a natural ombre face-framing effect. When taking the plunge to Cinnamon Blonde highlights, it is also best to incorporate a toning product into your routine to keep away unwanted yellow and brassy tones, keeping your blonde looking clean and just like you’ve been to the salon. Try Evo’s Fabuloso colour care conditioner in Caramel.

Looking for more spring hair inspiration? See our guide to the most popular colour trends on Pinterest, for looks to take to your next salon appointment. 

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