If Your Eyes Are Paying The Price For Excessive Screen Time, Here’s What To Do

This multitasking eye product will help

If there is one part of our body that’s working overtime, it’s our eyes. Called on in just about every second in our day-to-day lives, they’re the linchpin for virtually every task. But it’s the mounting moments that involve screens that are having the biggest effect. Collagen-destroying blue light and the constant tiny movements required to watch whatever is happening on-screen – as well as actual fatigue from burning the midnight oil with after-hours screen time – are all taking their toll on our eye area.

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Couple that with the fact our eye area is biologi­cally less resilient to the rest of our face and it’s no wonder that fatigue is showing up in the form of eye bags, dark circles, lines and crepiness.

“The eye area is a very specific zone,” says Clarins’ global innovation director Marie-Hélène Lair. “It’s four times thinner than the cheek area, and the eye area also has a lower sebum content.”

And because we’re talking fatigue from our heavy tech reliance, the issue isn’t necessarily age related – you can suffer fatigue-related eye issues in your 20s. “Fatigue [can cause] specific visible signs, such as crow’s feet, puffiness, dark circles and sagging eyelids,” explains Lair.

Such a hard-working area needs a solution with muscle, something that will prop up not only the delicate skin but also the vital functions keeping the area working at its peak. Enter Clarins’ new Double Serum Eye, a formula that packs two serums – one water based, the other oil based – which com­bine for a highly targeted arsenal against eye fatigue.

It follows on from the cult-fave Double Serum, which has been winning over complexions since it launched in 1985. As the name suggests, its power comes from its double chamber of two different textured serums, which allow for a swag of active ingredients to come together to offer a 360-degree approach to looking after the skin.


“This double texture innovation in Double Serum has maximised the bioaffinity with the skin, allowing the integration of the most powerful plant ingredients, whatever their solubility,” explains Lair.

But the formula couldn’t be used close to the eyes. So now, Clarins has come to our collective need for help in the overworked area by offering two serums in one to combat all the modern-day issues associated with our peepers.

“Because the skin around the eye contour is naturally thinner, poor in lipids and more fragile, it needs adapted formulas,” says Lair. “It is the reason our formulators devel­oped the hydrolipidic system, which guarantees a perfect bioaffinity with the skin around the eye contour.”

The careful balance allows for the eye product’s array of powerful plant ingredients to work harmoniously for a “global action on all signs of ageing”, says Lair.

Made from 96 per cent natural ingredients, Double Serum Eye boasts a line-up of 13 sustainably sourced age fighters. Wild chervil is one notable addition, thanks to its stimulating properties, which boost skin firmness and density while also fortifying against eyelid sagging. Caffeine meanwhile gets to work on zapping puffiness, while horse chestnut helps erase dark circles. Then there is turmeric extract, which is also a hero in the Double Serum formulation. It helps stimulate the vital functions around the eye (those being regeneration, oxygenation, hydration, nutrition and protection, says Lair) to leave skin perfectly hydrated and radiant.

“After 28 days of daily application, 89 per cent of women said their eye area looks younger, while for 90 per cent, wrinkles are visibly reduced, and for 89 per cent, signs of fatigue are erased,” says Lair.

With fatigue and how to combat it – a modern-day obsession – erasing its telltale signs certainly sounds like the Holy Grail. Especially since it’s no longer just about years on the board, but also the number of screen hours you’re racking up, alongside other environmental pressures. And, let’s face it, our hardest workers deserve our support.



We asked Clarins’ innovation director Marie-Hélène Lair for her top tips for peepers.


“When applying your eye serum, gently press under and over the eyes, from the inner corner out to the temples. Then gently press down a few times in the space between the eyebrows.”


“Close the eyes then open them. Your eyes look more rested and youthful.”


“Use a silk or cotton pillowcase to prevent rubbing on the skin.”


“In the morning, wrap an ice cube in a tissue and place it gently on the eye contour to help stimulate circulation and tighten tissues.”


“Think about doing ‘eye yoga’ every day: five minutes is all it takes to help relax and fight eye fatigue.”

This story originally appeared in the November issue of marie claire Australia, out now.


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