The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Skin Detoxing

Because we all want great skin for no effort

There are two types of people in the world: those prepared to slavishly embark on a 20-step Korean skincare regiment each night, and those who will happily sleep with their make-up on. But we share one common goal: we all want clear skin.

For the sake of simplicity (and because most derms will tell you a ‘less is more’ approach is best), we’ve listed the five easiest steps to achieving complexion perfection. If your skin is looking lacklustre, congested or just in need of a good spring clean, listen up –  these are the skin detox tips even your inner lazy girl will love.

1/ Get someone else to do it for you

A good facial is more than just 60 minutes of blissful pampering – your skin should get a thorough clean, steam and clear-out. Skin therapists recommend a facial tailored to your skin type every six weeks, but aim for at least once every season to keep your glow going.

2/ Skip a step

Is cleansing and exfoliating too much of an ask? If you’re time-poor, switch to a cleanser that pulls double-duty. Formulations that contain a chemical exfoliator like salicylic or lactic acid will gently dissolve dead skin cells without the need for scrubbing. Alternatively, do as Kate Middleton does and start using a muslin cloth when you wash your face.

3/ Shield your skin from toxins

And reduce the need to detox in the first place. Anti-pollution skincare is designed to protect against pollutants in the air around us: look for an antioxidant serum to counter free radical damage and Vitamin C-enriched products to encourage skin brightness. And of course, always apply sunscreen.

4/ Purify the air

The detrimental effects of poor air quality, both inside and outside the home, are becoming more and more of a talking point, with dermatologists identifying air-borne pollutants as a leading cause of premature skin ageing.* Consider buying a purifier to clear the air of particles, bacteria and dangerous gases inside the home – the less toxins in the air around you, the less they can affect your skin.

5/ Drink more

Water, that is. The most effective way to detox doesn’t come easier or cheaper than ensuring you drink up your eight (at least) glasses of H20. Cutting back on caffeine and alcohol will also encourage a clear complexion.


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