Delta Goodrem Makes A Power Play

The Aussie superstar tells us why she wanted her latest fragrance to inspire self confidence.

After a sell-out music tour around the UK and USA (and being the opening act for Backstreet Boys), songstress Delta Goodrem has launched her new scent Power. Inspired by her hit song The Power, which reflects on the A-lister’s personal growth and determination, this new eau de parfum is a subtle (but yes, powerful) blend of toasted coconut, white freesia, dreamwood, vanilla and milky musk.

“There was a message and a reason around Power,” says Delta. “It’s about having fluidity in the moment, moving forward, climbing and having resilience. The mood now is that people want a lot of colour, people want to feel fresh – at least that is what I want – and this fragrance is about harnessing the strength and self-confidence to be who you want to be,” says Delta Goodrem.

The bottle was also the brainchild of Goodrem, who wanted a sleekly lined vessel with a 70s nod and powerful lines. If you’re looking for a new scent that will boost your inner boss, this could well be it.

maire claire Australia: When do you feel your most powerful?

Delta Goodrem: Moments when we’ve all worked really hard and it all comes together. That’s what makes me feel powerful. For the shows we did in London, my Australian brand all came and we had sold-out shows and [in those moments when I’m] singing, it can feel powerful. I also feel really grateful – your power and gratitude can [go] together. 

MC: You were very involved with the creation of Power. What were some of the ingredients that you wanted in this new scent?  

DG: I wanted the bottle to be a little bit more simplistic while still having a unique detail. [I love] the directional lines and then there’s 70s-inspired top. For fragrance, I wanted it to still feel like you are wearing it, it’s not wearing you. I love that it has notes like the dreamwood and Cedarwood. And the milky musk [is so good], while the vanilla bourbon has a bit of a richness to it which is so nice. But the idea is that Power is not intrusive so you can be the star.

MC: When it comes to your beauty routine, what do you like to use regularly?

DG: Especially being on tour and doing my hair and makeup myself, I have started to really focus on product and what is going to work for me. I have started using Olaplex, which was important for my hair as I wasn’t getting my hair color done on the road. I’ve started to do a lot more masks in my hair too. I’ve been using a mask by Oribe and a leave-in conditioner by Goldwell.

Delta Goodrem Stands In Her Power at the Launch Event (Credit: Photo Supplied by Chemist Warehouse)

MC: And your skin?

DG: When it comes to my skincare, I keep it pretty simple. I’ll use a Cetaphil cleanser and a moisturiser and then I love hydrating and vitamin C serums, which have been really good for my skin.

MC: If you could only have three makeup products in your kit, what would they be?

DG: They would all be Revlon. My eyelash curler because if I have nothing else, at least I can curl my lashes. I would also say, Coverstay Skin Awaken Concealer by Revlon, because it can double as a bit of a foundation. And the Glow Powder blush by Revlon. I have forgotten my brow pencil! so I would just brush my brows up instead. SH: What would you say is your best feature?

DG: I think my neck. You can put a lovely necklace on a neck.

MC: What is your best beauty tip and who gave you gave it to you?

DG: I think besides taking a holistic approach [to beauty], I think I would say working on yourself in general. Before I do a major makeup for something or even just [an everyday] natural look, prepping things like eyedrops, eye cream and moisturizer, a hair mask before you blow dry, makes everything easier.

Delta Goodrem’s new perfume, Power. (Credit: Edward Urrutia)

Delta Goodrem Power eau de parfum 125ml for $59.99, exclusively from Chemist Warehouse

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