Do Your Hair Ties Disappear Into Thin Air? We’ve Found A Solution

Honestly, where do they go?

Is it just us, or do hair ties and bobby pins seem to disappear into thin air? One minute, you’ve got a pack of 100 and the next minute – poof! – they’re all gone.

Well, someone has FINALLY created a solution to this very important problem.

Enter Dollar Hair Company. For $4, these guys will deliver 3 hair ties and 12 bobby pins to your door each month. Meaning that when you’re running low, they’ll top up your supply.

(Credit: Getty)

Okay, so the way that we see it, there are two options:

Option 1. We could be more responsible without possessions and keep track of our hair ties and bobby pins.

Option 2. We could just get an emergency stash delivered each month.

We choose the latter option. 

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