Everything You Need To Know About D’Lumiere Esthetique Products

Designed to protect and heal the skin, protect and heal the skin, D’Lumiere Esthetique has been specially designed by Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Lanzer.

Dr Daniel Lanzer is a Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgeon who has been at the forefront of many new breakthroughs in cosmetic surgery for over 25 years. He has been on television and in the media over 150 times showcasing many new developments in cosmetic surgery of the face, body and breast. He brought many new lasers to Australia as well as the tumescent liposuction method. Most recently he had his own ten-part series Cosmetic Coffee on Channel Seven, which followed his real patients through their journeys.

Information on D’Lumiere Esthetique:

D’Lumiere Esthetique contains a plant derived (Candle Tree) DNA extract. It uses a product of nature to protect and heal the skin, called a “DNA Repair Enzyme” and it is unique to D’Lumiere Esthetique.

  • Products are designed by Dr Lanzer, a renowned Dermatologist and Surgeon
  • They utilise a unique DNA repair enzyme
  • Contains highly concentrated active ingredients
  • Contains liposomes for increased absorption
  • Australian made, for the Australian sun 

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