This Dry Shampoo Has A 2000-Person Waiting List

And counting

Ask any woman for their desert island hair product, and they’ll tell you: dry shampoo. The MVP of all beauty kits, dry shampoo is the stuff dreams are made of for anyone with fine, oily strands, anyone craving volume and – most importantly of all – anyone who needs a sleep-in.

So the lazy girl inside us started turning somersaults (and believe us, that’s unlike her), when we found out about a dry shampoo so desirable, it’s got a waiting list of 2000+ people at time of writing. 

What is it? Verb Dry Shampoo Light and Dry Shampoo Dark, two spray-on formulas straight from Austin, Texas. The brand’s non-toxic, cruelty-free Dry Shampoo Powder has long been a cult hair product in the US, and now they’ve answered their customers’ wishes with two spray versions.

According to Byrdie, it took just 12 hours for the first 1000 dry shampoo fiends to sign up for the new products, and Verb predicts they’ll have at least 10,000 by time of launch.

“The light formulation has a purple tint that helps counteract brassiness and adds a lot of dimension,” Verb told Byrdie. “While the dark shade is a medium brown that is designed to disappear in deeper shade ranges.”

Sadly, you need to live in either Canada or the USA for Verb to ship their have-to-have-it hair products to your door (but we’re sure you can find a way…). Until then, shop one of the marie claire team’s all-time favourite dry shampoos here.

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