Dry skin? Try this genius beauty hack to fix it in seconds

Even if you’ve already done your make-up

There’s nothing worse than doing your make-up, only to have the whole effect ruined by dry, flaky skin. No amount of foundation is going to cover that up – in fact, applying make-up usually only serves to make it worse.

But help is at hand – and if you’re reading this at work, it’s probably within arm’s reach. According to make-up artist Robin Black (she of @beautyisboring fame), all you need is some sticky tape.

“Scotch tape is the best for dealing with dry skin,” Black told Stylecaster. “It sounds odd, but you can use Scotch tape to remove skin flakes by tapping it gently over dry patches without messing up your make-up.”


This beauty writer gave it a go (yes, even we suffer from dry patches from time to time… especially during end-of-year madness), and we’re happy to confirm: sticky tape does the job. It might have taken a tiny bit of foundation off with it, but not enough to be noticeable on the face (just on the tape).

Black also recommends Daiso Japan Sticky Cotton Pieces for the job. “They look like Q-tips, but on one side of the tip is a skin-safe adhesive that’s just sticky enough to lift off skin flakes – or glitter and smoky eyeshadow bits – without ruining your foundation,” she says.

But remember, prevention is always better than a cure (especially one involving office supplies). Even oily skin types should moisturise or apply a hydrating serum daily (just look for oil-free), exfoliate regularly and set aside time for a weekly sheet mask sesh to keep skin in tip top, flake-free condition.

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