These Dubai Blogger Sisters Look Spookily Like Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner

The resemblance is uncanny

Instagram is rife with women emulating the Kardashians’ distinctive beauty look – you have them to thank for the contouring, matte lip and strobing phenomenons. But these two Dubai sisters look almost exactly like Kimmy K and Kylie Jenner – and they say it’s completely coincidental.

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That isn’t Kim and Kylie in the above Instagram – it’s Sonia and Fyza Ali. Told you the resemblance was spooky.

The beauty and lifestyle blogging sisters hail from Dubai and at time of writing, have 540k Instagram followers to their name. They’re also make-up artists, according to their profile page, and take the same sort of shots we’re used to seeing on Kylie and Kim’s pages – think glammed-up make-up, Snapchat filters and face mask selfies galore.

Sonia and Fyza insist they don’t see the similarities – and neither do those close to them. “Our close friends and family are so used to seeing us they have never seen a resemblance,” they told Emirates Woman. “It’s only when we are out together people constantly point it out—people that don’t know us at all!—especially in the States.”

According to Stylecaster, the sisters’ make-up artist gigs led them to an E! event where they bumped into their doppelgängers, but they “avoided eye contact.”

Fingers crossed for a showdown between the duos on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians soon.

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