Dyson’s Cult-Favourite Airwrap Is Getting A Full-On Makeover—And You Can Try It In-Person

The best-selling curling wand is about to become better than ever.

When it comes to beauty, there’s a special place in every haircare savants’ stash reserved for Dyson.

For most of us, building on a collection of their appliances depends on our next paycheck, but despite this, there’s a universal adoration for investing in their offerings.

Whether it be from the brand’s forward-thinking innovations to its cult status amongst beauty fanatics, there’s one appliance that has piqued interest as of late—the Dyson Airwrap.

If you’re still in the dark about the hair tool, the game-changing appliance first came to be in 2018 where it was designed to serve as a standard curling iron, minus the heat.

Rather than sizzling your strands within an inch of their life, Dyson‘s Airwrap uses precisely directed streams of air to shape and set your tresses in place, for a straight-from-the-salon finish without any damage.

Actually, the brand’s innovation coined the term “Coanda effect”, which represents the high-speed jet of air that sits at the surface of the appliance, due to the shift in pressure. The Airwrap then uses this concept with a rounded barrel, so your hair will wrap around it and curl in the process. 

For most, there’s not much to fault with the Airwrap, but for some, there are some shortcomings that they’d wish the brand would address. And now, it looks like they have.


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Dyson have revealed that they’re releasing a new, revamped version of the hair tool with a brand-new set of attachments.

One of the major irritations that users have documented was with the curling barrels. On the older model, the barrels only drove air in one direction, which meant you needed to switch barrels when you moved onto the second half of your hair.

In the new release, the barrels direct airflow both ways (clockwise and anti-clockwise) and with an increased amount of pressure and control to help you achieve the ultimate ’90s blow out at-home.

But that’s not all, the appliance’s brush heads also saw an improvement with the new iterations now including more air vents. This means that they can deliver the same straightening and smoothing effects as before, but with longer staying power.

Lastly (and potentially most excitingly), the Airwrap comes with a new dryer attachment that can transform your hair from damp to dry in no time, and while smoothing fly aways with the flick of a wrist. Think of it as a lifesaver for our frizzy and coarse hair friends.

(Credit: Dyson)

Dyson’s new Airwrap, $899, from Dyson.

Naturally, for a product with this kind of price tag, it makes sense to try before you buy. Now, Dyson is making it so much easier to do so, with Australia’s first ever Dyson Demo store in the heart of the CBD. 

The store showcases the British tech giant’s entire product portfolio for customers to try first hand. Not only does it include “world first” features but it serves as the brand’s largest retail space in the Southern Hemisphere.

Customers can use every Dyson product in-person, with hands-on demonstrations by the trained team and will include access to services not available online or at stockists. Plus, the store comes with a Beauty Lab, where you can book in for a free hair wash, blow dry and style session, before a professional uses Dyson hair appliances to leave you with a salon-quality ‘do.

If you want more in-depth hair health analysis, you can experience a hair health consultation to determine your styling routine, and hair goals. In-store experts even measure your hair strand’s strength, elasticity and magnify hair up to 200X to evaluate cuticle condition. They’ll also gift you with a hair health diagnosis and advice on how to avoid extreme heat damage.


Now, if you already own an Airwrap—specifically the older model—then fret not, you don’t have to miss out on the new additions. All of Dyson’s new add-ons are compatible with the older models too, you can pick each of them up for AUD $49.

If you’re yet to be christened via Dyson, then you can prepare your pennies (and clear some shelf space) for the new and improved Airwrap which is set to launch in Australia on June 16, 2022, for AUD $900 at the Dyson website.

You also can visit the Dyson Demo Store at 301 & 285 George Street, Sydney.

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