Emily Ratajkowski Reveals The Beauty Secrets She Swears By

One step closer to living like the legendary model

The American model, Instagram heavyweight, Kérastase muse and author of the bestselling book My Body discusses sun protection, haircare and how to silence your inner critic

I wake up between 

“7 and 8am to the sound of my [two-year-old] son’s babbling. I put him to bed around 7pm and – it’s pretty cool for me – he sleeps for 12 hours straight. Recently he woke up in the night. He’s teething, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.”

To wind down in the evening 

“[I’m] in my bed, watching TikTok or reading a book. But I often sink quickly.”

For hair products

“I try to choose the greenest formulas and refillable products, like my Kérastase shampoos. I have a lot of hair but [each strand] is thin, so I need a bit of texture. I’m not very good at hairstyling and I don’t like spending time [styling it], so I take care of it so I don’t have to worry too much about [styling]. I apply the Kérastase Elixir three times a week to damp ends to keep them healthy.”

Emily Ratajkowski shows off her luscious locks at this year’s 2023 Met Gala. (Credit: Getty Images)

My obsession is skincare

“It’s probably related to the fact I’m 31 years old. It didn’t interest me so much when I was 20! I clean my skin thoroughly every night and hydrate it like crazy. And now I protect it from the sun. My new thing is that I no longer go out without SPF. The one I use is perfect because it is tinted.”

I sometimes go without makeup

“It can be difficult because I’m immediately photographed as soon as I’m on the street. But I try to wear less makeup. I am a very organised person and this is reflected in my makeup kit. It contains 10 products all carefully selected for their effectiveness and/or versatility. I use an Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil [everywhere] – on the lips as well as my moles and freckles to accentuate them. And I use a palette with powder and cream textures on my lips, my cheeks and the bridge of my nose.”

Emily Ratajkowski on a recent trip to Japan donning her signature makeup look. (Credit: Instagram @emrata)

I do not follow any diet

“When I’m stressed or going through a tough time I naturally eat less. And the reverse [happens] when I’m happy. My relationship with food is inseparable from my level of happiness.”

My best tip is self-confidence

“I think women are still terribly lacking [in this area] compared with men. We have this internal critic and we have a hard time silencing it. We are afraid of what people will say and of appearing stupid when we open our mouths. We focus on what others will think of us – badly, of course. However, most of the time they probably think… nothing at all!”

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