Emma Mackey On The One Beauty Step She Can’t Live Without

"It’s my one constant and just elevates how I’m feeling."

Beyond her stellar on-screen portrayals, as the feisty Maeve in Sex Education and physicist Barbie in Barbie, off-screen Emma has become somewhat of a red-carpet aficionado. Her signature look focuses on dewy, bronzed skin, impeccably groomed brows and a velvety rose pout.

Here, the British-French actress speaks exclusively to marie claire Australia to reveal her pared-back beauty ethos, affinity for fragrance and advice she’d give to her younger self.

Fragrances has always… been a great love of mine. I am fascinated with the power that scent can have, and the way it can immediately transport you to a specific time and place in your life.

My signature scent… is Burberry Goddess [Mackey is the face of the campaign], which radiates warmth and confidence. I like the duality between the lavender and the vanilla notes. I can also smell woody tonalities throughout, which are particularly comforting to me.

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Perfumes I’m drawn to… are usually woody and warm, but not in a heady, overpowering sort of way. I’m always looking for comfort … and reassurance.

The distinct smell of bonfires… is a nostalgic one that I find really comforting. It reminds me of camps I used to go on when I was a kid and the fireplace we used to have in the house. My mum’s signature perfume is also a nostalgic scent for me. Sadly, it’s been discontinued.

I don’t like to… use any scented beauty products on my skin, but sometimes a scented hair product can do wonders.

My everyday beauty look… is pretty simple, so spritzing my favourite fragrance is what I rely on to complete it. It’s my one constant and just elevates how I’m feeling.

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My spirit animal… the lioness, represent female unity and strength. They are confident and move together as a pack, a team. Much like them, we stand on the shoulders of the women who came before us and those who bolster us throughout our lives. To me, this image is a real source of empowerment.

I’d tell my younger self… to cultivate curiosity as much as possible. Whenever you get the chance to take up a new opportunity, meet new people and try new experiences, you should. If you can see each undertaking as an opportunity to … fill your brain with knowledge, that is a great start. This will help you hone your taste and adapt to all the different situations life throws at you.

I’ve tried to…. push myself [out of my comfort zone] more in recent years, and having seemingly endless possibilities in front of you can be an uplifting, empowering feeling.

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