Hate taking off your make-up at night? *This* could be the answer

No cleanser, no fuss

We all know the cardinal rule of beauty: always remove your make-up before bed.


And yet… after a long day/big night/huge deadline, dragging yourself through a long and convoluted cleansing routine sometimes seems… all too much.  

Enter: santé by ENJO. These nifty pads promise to remove make-up and cleanse your face in one go. The best bit? There’s no cleanser involved, just plain old water. (You could even do it in the shower)


Of course we had to try them out….


Step 1: Remove the wipe from its mesh bag and wet it thoroughly.

Step 2: Work in circular motions over your entire face, over the jaw and down the neck and across the chest. (Always remember: your neck and décolletage are an extension of your face, and need TLC, too.)

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Step 3: Rinse the wipe, leave it to dry (in the mesh bag)… and head off to bed.


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Not convinced? We tested santé by ENJO using three different make-up products (a mascara, a crayon format eye shadow, and sheer lipstick). As you can see, they all came off without fuss.

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Still not convinced? They’re completely reusable, so they’re as friendly to the environment as they are to your wallet.

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