The Best Taylor Swift Eras Tour Hair Inspiration For This Weekend

Which era will you be in?
Image: Taylor Swift

We love to talk about Taylor Swift, we really do. From her incredible music collection, iconic re-recordings and stellar wardrobe, she never fails to amaze and inspire us.

Fans often celebrate her approach to beauty, but they talk about her winged liner (“sharp enough to kill a man”) or her Pat McGrath red lipstick: so it’s time we talk about her hair.

Swift has continued to change up her hairstyle throughout the years, often marking each change with a new album or ‘Era’.

Swift’s fans love to re-recreate these styles at her sold out Eras Tour concert, where they can emanate her golden locks. Whether it’s the bright pink ends of Lover, the bleach bob between 1989 and Reputation or her now famous fringe for Midnights, we cannot get enough of her looks.

For the Eras Tour concert, fans like to not only emulate these styles but find any way to add glitter, sparkle and generally ‘bejewel’ themselves head to toe. Here we share some of the best ideas we’ve seen, along with where you can get the tools to achieve it.

Debut Spiral Curls

Swift’s hair has been gradually getting straighter since her first album, where she wore tight spiral curls with major volume.

 ‘Fearless’ Waves

Why not embrace the curly hair style Swift wore when she rose to fame? Known for the Fearless and Speak Now eras, use a medium tapered curling wand to create ringlet curls throughout your hair to get the look.


Fearless girlies unite 🫶🏼 Here’s how to nail Taylor Swift’s OG curls for the Eras Tour. Products used: ✨ @CLOUD NINE HAIR The Wand ✨ @STRAAND Secure Clips ✨ @amika The Wizard Detangling Primer ✨ @Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray #taylorswifthair #taylorswift #erastourhair #erastouraustralia

♬ original sound – spedx8

A Sleek High Pony

While Swift often wears her hair down, if you have a loud outfit, sometimes it is nice to have the hair swept back. Of course, you can always bedazzle your hair like Courtney did below.


Decided to go with the outfit you guys picked🫢 cant wait to show you 🤍 #hairstyle #hairtutorial #hairtok #erastour

♬ original sound – CourtneyCahoon


Perfect for those who already have bleach blonde hair or are willing to wear a wig. Swift’s bleach look at the 2017 Met Gala will forever go down in history.

Try Adding Pink Clip Ins For Your ‘Lover’ Look

Swift dip-dyed the end of her hair pink for the Lover era, so why not try some clip in hair to blend with your own? Talk about a temporary pink moment.

Use A Hair Gem Tool

If using eyelash glue and little gems isn’t something you want to do to your hair, consider investing in a hair gem tool to bedazzle your flowing locks.


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♬ original sound – Mallory Lee Richardson

Sleek Front Sections & Curls

Although not technically one of Swift’s eras, this hairstyle seems to be a go-to for girls who want to wear their hair down at the concert but don’t want it getting in their face while they scream the lyrics.


raise your hand if youre obsessed with rhinestone hairstyles #swifttok #taylorsversion #tstheerastour #erastourhair

♬ original sound – Erin ⛸️🌴🩷

A Half-Up Heart

If you’re organizing your hair at the last minute, this innovative plait heart is a great way to channel your inner Lover era.


Era’s tour hair inspo ✨💕 LOVERS EDITION 💕✨ How cute is this hairstyle by @hollyjai_ using the new ghd chronos?! Obsessed. 😍 #ghdanz #erastour #erastourtaylorswift #erastourhairinspo #erastourhair #erastourhairstyle

♬ original sound – ghd Australia and New Zealand – ghd Australia and New Zealand

Wet Hair Look

Whether you’re looking for something vampy like Reputation or literally want to glisten like ‘Midnight Rain’ the wet look hair can be so chic.


Tutorial for one of my all time favourite looks – the wet hair look 🧊💦 #wethair #wethairlook #hairtutorial #wethairtutorial #hairhowto #wetlook #wetlookhair


A Curly Bob

Swift wore her hair in a devil-may-care curly lob during Rep and it’s a really great hairstyle for those with mid-length hair who want to embrace this era.

Tools To Get Eras Tour Hair

Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System in Malibu Pink HD431BP, $399, Shark Beauty

taylor-swift-eras-tour-hair-ideas (4)

For all your waving and blow-out needs, it’s hard to go past the Shark FlexStyle, which has just been released in a pink colourway that is giving ‘Lover’.

VS Sassoon Curl Secret Ceramic Automatic Curler, $129, Harvey Norman

An automatic curling machine for beginners, this will deliver the ideal spiral curls you need with minimal fuss. It offers three different pre-set curl types.

Silver Bullet Tapered Curling Wand, $79, Harvey Norman

taylor-swift-eras-tour-hair-ideas (4)

A tapered curling wand is great if you want to get even tighter curls for ‘Fearless’ era, but that aren’t the spiral curls of Debut.

Mermade Hair Style Wand- 9mm Clampless, $39.00, Adore Beauty

taylor-swift-eras-tour-hair-ideas (4)

This attachment for the mermaid hair base is the ultimate Debut curl tool, offering pin-curls with major volume.

Larry King Haircare Flyaway With Me Kit, $39.60, Cult Beauty

taylor-swift-eras-tour-hair-ideas (4)

If you’re keen to slick back your hair it’s hard to go past this easy to use slicking kit with toothbrush shaped brush.

Mermade Hair Gem Stamper, $34.00 Adore Beauty

taylor-swift-eras-tour-hair-ideas (4)

Easily bedazzle any hair look with this easy to use hair gem stamper, which can also double for any festivals you might be attending this year.  

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