Everything You Need To Know About Adding A Serum To Your Routine

It’s an important step so choose wisely

Skincare routines have become pretty complicated. And sometimes it can be hard to justify so many steps. But one product that is undeniably worthy of a spot in your skincare routine is a serum. It’s one of the hardest working players you can have on your team.

However, finding the perfect serum can be overwhelming. There are a lot of options. And many factors to consider. To help you add the right serum to your routine, follow these top tips.

Start with the formula

It’s what’s in a serum that gives it its superpowers. But before you start reading the ingredients list, you first need to identify your top skin concerns. What problems do you need those potent ingredients to address? This will help steer you in the right direction. Boosting hydration is a priority for most of us, as is fighting the signs of ageing. If you’re also on the quest for glowing skin (who isn’t?!) then we recommend Clarins Double Serum, as it ticks the box for all three of these skin issues. Powered by 21 potent plant extracts – including turmeric – this powerful serum works to address all signs of skin ageing while boosting your skin’s vitality and all-important radiance.

Find your ideal texture

The beauty of serums is their ability to deliver all those active ingredients deep into the skin. Water-based serums contain very small molecules, so they are able to nourish the inner layer of skin. Oil-based serums are formulated with larger molecules, so they help provide more of a protective layer. So, which one should you pick? With Clarins Double Serum, you don’t need to choose; you get the best of both worlds. Its unique formula contains water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients that combine only when you disperse the serum to ensure the two formulas remain stable and uncompromised. The Double Serum is also a great year-round choice as it delivers rich nourishment, without feeling heavy or greasy.

Keep your skin type in mind

When choosing any skincare product, you should always let your skin type guide you towards choosing the right formula. Different textures may agree better with your skin type (oily skin tends to prefer lightweight, non-comedogenic serums; dry skin types may prefer something richer and creamier) and ingredients are important, too. Clarins Double Serum suits all skin types as it’s not too heavy, not too light, and it contains active plant extracts to target five vital skin functions: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection. It has all bases covered.

Clarins Double Serum offers nutrition, hydration and protection
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How to use a serum

A serum can be used morning and night; it goes on after your cleanser and toner, and before your moisturiser – although you don’t need to follow up your Clarins Double Serum application with a moisturiser if you don’t want to. It does an excellent job of hydrating skin and locking in moisture all on its own. Another cool feature of the Double Serum is its made-to-measure dosage that takes the guesswork out of how much you should apply. The innovative bottle has a rotating push button with two settings, so you can opt for a single dosage, or, on the days when your skin needs a little extra TLC (such as in winter or after a long-haul flight), simply switch to the double-duty option. To apply, gently press the serum into your skin. You can even mix your Double Serum with your foundation to boost the glow factor of your coverage.

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