Expert Tips For Growing Your Hair

You’ll have luscious locks in no time

Oh, the eternal battle that is waiting for your hair to grow – which never seems to happen at the speed you were hoping (especially post bad haircut). So why does it seem to grow so slowly, especially when compared to your best friend who has long hair down to her derriere? We spoke to the hair experts about the bad habits you need to stop, and the good habits that will give your locks the best possible chance of growing healthier and faster.

Bad hair habits you need to stop doing ASAP

Megan Yabsley, Education Manager for De Lorenzo explains, the hair growth cycle lasts on average between two to four years. This cycle can be interrupted by many different life events. Such events may include high levels of stress and crash dieting habits. By fixing these issues, you can help to maintain health on the inside, which will help your body grown healthy, beautiful hair,” Yabsley adds.

Nadia Valerio, the co-founder of Pure Hair Food, says some quick fixes also include giving the ponytail a rest! Wearing tight hairstyles all the time damages your hair growth by not allowing the strands to receive the oxygen they need to breathe. She also recommends not washing your hair every day, and instead make dry shampoo your BFF. (You dont need to tell us twice!). “Try and wash your hair twice a week and extend your style with dry shampoo in between. Your hair will thank you for the extra natural oils, Valerio says.

Good habits that will give your longer, healthier hair

Renya Xydis, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Valonz, explains her top tip for promoting healthier (and longer) hair is to always apply a heat protectant before using hot styling tools. People are not using heat protectants, which is so silly because it acts like a sunscreen, blocking out high heat temperatures to protect the hair from sizzling, Xydis says. Yabsley adds that heat damaged hair wont hold colour, is hard to manageable and is prone to breakage – she recommends using a product such as De Lorenzo Defence Thermal Spray with Argan Oil prior to heat styling.

Another product to invest in is a leave-in moisturiser that contains UV protection to reduce split ends, colour fade and wearing down of the cuticle layer. As a result, you can trim your hair less often. Xydis explains that every six weeks is ideal but you can push it out to around eight if you’re taking good care of your hair: trimming your hair regularly speeds up hair growth as it gets rid of damaged and split ends, which will only split further and break off [if you don’t remove them], she says.

A key element to healthy hair is a healthy diet. Valerio explains, its no secret that eating well can improve your health but its also the key to giving you luscious locks, too”. Valerio recommends ingredients that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, like salmon, soybean, spinach or chia, and lots of protein, including lean white meat, dark leafy veggies and Greek yoghurt. These ingredients will keep hair strong and shiny, plus keep hair loss to a minimum, especially during winter months.

Quick fixes also include treating yourself to a scalp massage, investing in a silk pillowcase like theMercer + Reid Pure Silk Standard Pillow Case (the lack of friction reduces breakage), and using a weekly detox shampoo (such as Pure Hair Food Detox Your Hair Clarifying Shampoo) to give your scalp a deep cleanse and “increase blood circulation to your hair follicles,” explains Valeria. 

This article originally appeared on BeautyCrew

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