Skin-Boosting Hyaluronic Acid Injections, Reviewed

Rather than applying a moisturiser topically, why not have it injected instead?

The name: Skin-Boosting Injections

The sell: Skin Boosters is billed as a ‘lunchtime treatment’ that uses injectable hyaluronic acid to restore a smooth, dewy complexion, while also stimulating collagen.

The treatment: As far as beauty treatments go, Skin-Boosting Injections is a little hard-core. But that was to be expected. I don’t know about you but personally, I find it hard to relax when multiple needles are coming for my face. However, I signed up to this treatment because of my undying love for hyaluronic acid. Nothing—and I mean nothing—plumps the skin and gives an all-over dewiness quite like hyaluronic acid. This stuff works!

Hyaluronic acid is a really powerful moisturiser that draws water into the skin and holds it there. So, rather than applying hyaluronic acid topically, I was intrigued to see what kind of effects it would have when injected instead.

Despite the intrusive nature of the treatment, Natalie Abouchar, Cosmetic Nurse and Privée founder made the experience as comfortable as it could be.

First, Natalie injected local anaesthetic into three entry points down each side of my face—that’s six needles in total. The sensation is not unlike that of a vaccination: it stings a little but not enough to make you wince.

Next came the kicker—the hyaluronic acid-based injections were distributed across my face using a cannula. At Privée, Restylane Vital is the injectable of choice. The sensation of the cannula moving underneath my skin wasn’t painful, but it was odd and a little uncomfortable. However, I was in and out of the clinic within an hour.

The truth: As a 25-year-old with a fairly extensive daily skincare routine, I am not the ideal candidate for Skin-Boosting Injections. I did notice a small amount of change but in hindsight, my skin wasn’t too dehydrated to begin with.

However, if your skin is looking a little parched or under-the-weather, you’re likely to see more benefits from the Skin Boosters. Results will continue to build after the treatment, as the hyaluronic acid injected into the skin draws in more and more moisture. You should see the most change after four weeks.

The cost: At Privée Clinic in Bondi Junction, Skin Boosters treatments begin at $380 for 1ml of Restylane Vital, with a full face treatment costing $990.

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