This $13 Editor-Approved Eye Serum Erases Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes

Like a double espresso for tired eyes

While clocking a full eight hours of sleep seems like a reasonable solution to dark circles – the reality for most of us is not that easy. For starters, it’s a common misconception that a lack of sleep leads to tired eyes and a dark under eye area. Regardless of how many hours clocked dark circles can also be caused by genetics, pigmentation, allergies, and thinning skin.

When it comes to banishing pesky under eye problems there are a variety of skin care products available to treat puffy eyes, the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Using an eye cream or eye serum won’t erase all your under eye issues overnight, but a select few will treat and transform the affected area with regular application. Enter: The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG ($12.70; at

Research has proven that topical use caffeine and EGCG – derived from green tea – has a de-puffing effect that tackles the appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags. Formulated without the use of retinol this eye serum is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and safe to use throughout pregnancy. 

A favourite formula of beauty addicts, this anti-aging has over 305 glowing reviews on

Arielle Tsoukatos, mare claire Senior Digital Beauty Editor says: “The Ordinary has long been the best-kept secret of beauty editors around the world. That is until Kim Kardashian started waxing lyrical about her love of their affordable anti-ageing products. 

“It’s rare to find an eye cream that’s specially made for mornings. After all, not only does it have to absorb quickly and play nicely with your other morning skin-care products, but it also has to work well under make-up and banish tired eyes – STAT. Luckily, this cooling formula does all of those things, especially when kept in the fridge.”

The Ordinary

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