I Tried Fat Freezing And This Is What Happened

The results were surprising

It’s not an instant fix but cryolipolysis (aka fat freezing), an in-clinic treatment where fat is frozen then metabolised by the body, could be a cool way to streamline your physique. Danielle Taylor, marie claire’s senior art editor, tried and tested it in the lead-up to her wedding day.

What it is

Cryolipolysis fat freezing.

What it promises

This no-downtime, non-invasive treatment uses medical-grade fat-freezing technology to permanently remove stubborn pockets of fat and sculpt the body.

What I wanted

A 20 to 30 per cent reduction in body fat in the treated areas. I hoped for a smoother, less bulging tummy and back. Bye-bye back fat!

What happened

Rounded paddles were used to suction the skin and fat like a vacuum. While lying in a reclined chair for 60 minutes, the paddles were set to -9°C to crystallise fat cells. After about 10 minutes, the area became numb. It felt strange but not painful and I was able to read a book to pass the time. Once the hour was up, the paddles were removed and the treated area was massaged until the feeling returned (which hurt!). I had two sessions: the paddles were placed on my stomach up to my love handles for the first, while on the second treatment, the paddles were placed on my back and down near my love handles.

The results

It takes about 12 weeks to see the full results. After eight weeks I have definitely noticed a reduction, especially on my love handles and waistline. My jeans are too big – yay!

Where to get it

Body Catalyst;


$599 per session.

This review originally appeared in the November issue of marie claire, on sale now.

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