7 hair hacks for when you’re in a hurry

That look like you've spent hours perfecting

It’s every woman’s dream, right? Amazing, hairdresser-worthy hair that you can do at home – in minutes. It turns out, this dream can be a reality, with these simple hair hacks you can try tonight.

Recent runway shows have seen hairstylists taking our old faithful styles to the next level with pops of coloured fabric, and the return of one of our favourite 80s ’dos. Here’s how to re-create this season’s on-trend hairstyles when you’re pressed for time.

Hairstyle: Chignon (low-slung bun)

Part old Hollywood, part Italian signora on vacation, a little ornamentation makes a twist look charming.
Re-create it in minutes: Construct a chignon (an easy one: pat hair down the centre, divide into two sections and twist over each other before pinning into place) and pin a ribbon along the lower half, or wrap a scarf around your entire head. Finish with a bow or knot at the end (either way works).
Chic tip: “Make sure your hairstyle doesn’t read as over juvenile – that means no pigtails – and the fabric print of your scarf or ribbon is smart,” advises John Frieda hairstylist Harry Josh.
Product pick: Premium Pin Company 999 Bobby Pins

Hairstyle: Sky-high Ponytail

When it comes to ponytails, it’s all in the placement: a low pony is sleek, but a high one is sexy.
Re-create it minutes: For a perfect placement, Josh suggests looking straight into a mirror and ensuring the top ponytail is visible without having to tilt your head forward.
Chic tip: Run a straightener over your strands before finishing this hairstyle with a little shine-enhancing serum for a super sleek tail.
Product pick: SACHAJUAN Shine Serum

Hairstyle: Changing your part

Creating a deep side part or parting your hair differently can add volume at the roots and give your hairstyle an instant refresh.
Re-create it minutes: After prepping damp hair with a volumising mousse, “grab a round brush and blow-dry your fringe up and away from your face,” advises Josh. Use a velcro roller to set the fringe in place while your hair cools, then unravel and set with a lightweight shine-enhancing hairspray.
Chic tip: “To keep things fun and simple, style this fringe with messy loose waves or a bun,” suggests Josh.
Product pick: Kérastase K Mousse Bouffante

Hairstyle: Embrace your curls

Put down that straightener and learn to love your texture. 
Re-create it in minutes: “Use a mousse and/or serum to define your curls and remove frizz,” says Josh. “Add a diffuser to your hairdryer and allow the tendrils to sit in the diffuser to prevent frizz while maintaining the curl. “ Once hair is dry, you can use a thin curling iron to add definition.
Chic tip: Apply styling product immediately after showering – the second your hair starts to dry, it will start to frizz.
Product pick: John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray

Hairstyle: Slicked back

If you haven’t touched gel since the 80s, give it another go for this dual-textured ‘do.
Re-create it in minutes: Apply texturising spray to damp hair, and twirl sections around your fingers while drying with a diffuser and spritzing with hairspray. Now tease the roots at the front, create a side part and apply gel around the crown. Run fingers through, pushing it away from the face.
Chic tip: “Fine, straight hair needs the hold of a gel, while drier, textured hair requires a serum/pomade combo,” explains Josh.
Product pick: Toni & Guy Casual Foaming Spray Gel

Hairstyle: Tucked behind the ears

Minimalists rejoice: “Clean hair can be a style in and of itself,” declares Howard McLaren, co-founder and creative director at R+Co (the brand’s shampoos and conditioners also function as styling products).
Re-create it in minutes: If your hair has a natural wave, its as simple as gathering your freshly washed, air-dried hair back behind your ears. Straight hair will benefit from mousse (and a blow-dry), while those with fine strands can mist sea salt spray to the mid-lengths and pin in to place, or “create tiny side braids along the hairline down to the nape,” suggests McLaren.
Chic tip: “Either a centre or side part works with this style, as long as it’s a precise parting,” advises McLaren.  
Product pick: R+CO Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner

Hairstyle: Half-pulled-through pony

You may already wear this ‘do after a workout, so congratulations – it’s now officially a runway-worthy style.
Re-create it in minutes: Work dry shampoo through from roots to ends for texture, then “create a middle part and tease around the roots to create a little more volume”, says Josh. Now you can do your half-pulled-through-ponytail thing.
Chic tip: “Tug the pony down so it loosens slightly, and pull out shorter layers around the face,” advises Josh.
Product pick: Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Dry Shampoo

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