‘French Glossing’ & Other Hair Trends We’re Going To See Dominate In 2022

An international award-winning hairdresser gives us the tea.

We all know the French have a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to style—countless words have been dedicated to understanding what it is that makes Parisian women oh so chic. Now, the next trend in hair is also coming to us from Paris with love: French Glossing.

French Glossing is a technique that promises to transform dull and frizzy locks into shiny and vibrant ones. Permanent hair colour is applied to the roots, while an acidic (and ammonia-free) gloss is distributed through your ends.

“The last two years have been transformational for what’s to come for 2022 when it comes to fashion and beauty trends – the hair colour trends will be all about French Glossing!” Massimo Tirimacco from ZoHair Salon in Adelaide told marie claire Australia.

“Creating a beautiful natural gloss so using an acidic colour, such as L’Oréal pro, that conditions the hair, creating a beautiful natural healthy shine that will be complimentary to any toning or balayage services!”

massimo tirimacco
(Credit: Photo: Massimo Tirimacco / Instagram.)

Tirimacco was announced as the Global Winner at L’Oréal’s 2022 International Style and Colour Trophy in December, so when he tells us what’s hitting big in 2022, we listen up.

It was his first international win, after twice being honoured as both the Australian Winner and the marie claire reader’s choice winner (in 2019 and 2020).

“This is the most prestigious hairdressing competition in the world and it has been such a goal of mine since I started hairdressing to compete,” the Adelaide-based hairdresser said.

“To be representing Australia for this competition, it’s like the Hairdressing Olympics—it is such an honour! Australia is at the top of the hairdressing game, alongside the UK, we truly have the greatest artists here—we are fashion forward, trendy, creative and it’s all about creating that beautiful wearable hair that makes everyone feel sexy and beautiful. I want to represent that on stage, this winning look is the type of hair I create every-day in the salon—there is an art to it but it’s all about putting your client first and tailoring the hair to them.”

massimo tirimacco l'oreal 2022
(Credit: Massimo’s winning cut, colour and style. Photo: Massimo Tirimacco / Instagram.)

As well as the French Gloss, Massimo thinks the other big hair trends we’ll continue to see in 2022 are all about embracing our natural curls, and investing in our hair game. embracing our natural curls and waves and investing in our hair game.

“I think we will be seeing a lot of people embracing their natural curls, chasing that iconic gorgeous bouncy 80s/90s blow out!” he said.

“I have been working a lot on educating my salon around ‘curly cutting’ and being able to cut our client’s hair so they are able to achieve that effortless look at home.

“The last two years, everyone has focused on investing in self-care—2022 will be the year for hair—investing in a great heat tool such as the Dyson Diffuser and the L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod 3.0 will be a major game changer!”

And what are we leaving behind in 2021?

“I think we will see less of the more wedding style—commercial tong waves and see more of that iconic Jennifer Aniston natural 90s bounce!” he said.

“Apart from hair, one thing I’m ready to say goodbye to is the really baggy jeans like early 2000s / Y2K baggy.” (You and us both, Massimo.) “However, I am tempted to jump onboard to see what all the fuss is about!”

You heard it here first, folks. Out with unflattering Y2K jeans and overstyled waves, in with making your natural look work for you. Bring on 2022.

Lead photo: Lena Simonne / Instagram.

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