Get the best skin of your life

Simple tricks to get your skin in peak form.

Getting the best skin of your life is not as hard as you think. In fact, with these tips from the marie claire beauty team, great skin is just a few steps away.

Unlike bad tattoos and Jaeger shots, great skin is not just something reserved for under 20s. Which is good news, because with the “no-make-up make-up” trend dominating the runways right now, skin is definitely in – and on show.


In fact, the only thing standing between you and the skin you’ve always wanted is a little understanding, a few helpful tips, and the right product choice.  

Get glowing skin with these short and simple steps! (Credit: Getty)

1# Reassess your steps 

The days of cleanse, tone and moisturise only are long gone. And while you don’t need to go the whole seven – or ten – step routine popular in Korea right now, you should assess whether your current product choice is working hard enough for you.

Chances are, your skin is very different today, compared to 10 years ago, and a face wipe at nighttime won’t cut it any longer. One of the most helpful products you can add to your routine is a serum targeted to your concerns. A good all-rounder is endota spa’s Collagen Power Boost Serum, $95, which supports elasticity and firmness. But, if you’re unsure what products your skin needs see a skincare professional who will be able to advise.

2# Add an essence

 The “step two” of skincare is having a moment – and one it definitely deserves. Not only do essences improve clarity and fight dullness, they also penetrate the skin easily to deliver quick benefits, and they also make your other products work more effectively.

3# Get into exfoliation

Here’s a fun fact: the older we get, the slower our skin cells turn over, which means more dead skin cells contributing to an all-round dull texture. And, while you may have used a manual scrub to unclog pores in your teens, the newer chemical exfoliants (with AHAs and BHA ingredients) essentially dissolve the dead skin cells, leading to fresh new skin, and a faster turnover. Need a kick start? Try a targeted treatment like endota spa AHA Transformational Peel, $60, a 14-day spa-strength treatment that will give your skin the boost it needs.

The clearest skin of your life is coming your way! (Credit: Getty)

4# Be a (vitamin) A student

Vitamin A is not new to the skincare market, but it is often misunderstood. Known for being a powerful skin normaliser, it can help correct a multitude of skin issues from acne, to photo-ageing (pigmentation) and fine lines, while also helping to stimulate the collagen and elastin in the skin – so basically an all-star. However, Vitamin A (and retinol is a type of Vitamin A) is also powerful stuff, and can cause irritation (redness or flakiness) so the right usage is essential.

Firstly, introduce it slowly – a couple of times a week (max) increasing in small increments it as your skin builds tolerance. Secondly, only use it in your nighttime routine (as it can cause sun sensitivity) but also because it helps speed the repair process. Lastly always, always wear a sunscreen when using vitamin A products (and even when not!). In fact, no direct sunlight at all is preferable, because the skin will be more sun-sensitive, more likely to burn, and UV will also make the actual vitamin A less effective. One final note: You should steer clear of Vitamin A products while pregnant or breastfeeding.

5# Fight pollution

We’re not just tackling pollution for the environment anymore; we’re also fighting for our skin. Especially in major cities, environmental factors like smoke and pollution can clog pores, speed ageing, and even increase hyper-pigmentation. Lucky for us, skincare science has already caught up, so aside from thoroughly cleansing your face – twice – each night, a targeted anti-pollution product is now a must. This will help strengthen the skin’s barrier against free radicals.

Follow these steps for the best skin of your life! (Credit: Getty)

6# Facials on the regular

Getting regular facials (once every four to six weeks) is like having a personal training session for your complexion; they will reboot your skin, leave you glowing, and put you on the right track for your at-home routine. Aside from the deep-cleansing and rejuvenating powers of a good facial, the addition of light therapy to many facials, now means you also get the added bonus of a non-invasive treatment that works on a cellular level by stimulating collagen and elastin, and improving hydration – all in a short space of time. Try: endota spa Light Therapy powered by LightFusion treatment

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