Ghd’s New Tool Transforms Your Hair From Wet To Dry With A Shiny, Sleek Finish

Forget what you remember of wet-to-dry stylers.
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There are several hair tools synonymous with the naughties—crimping irons, quick gems, magic hair beaders—but none scarred us quite like the wet-to-dry straighteners known better for frying than styling our hair.

Before repressed memories of bad hair days past come back to haunt you as we reveal the wet-to-dry styler has returned, we must emphasise, it’s nothing like its predecessor.

The revolutionary new tool, launched by the hair styling pros at ghd, is promising faster, smoother styling in less time and with less heat, so you can snooze your alarm a little longer and improve the health of your hair.

Introducing: the ghd Duet Styler.


What Is The Duet Styler?

A two-in-one hot air tool, the Duet Styler transforms and styles the hair from wet to dry, essentially combining your hairdryer and straightener to substantially cut your morning routine down in time.

The tool features a drying and styling chamber in the centre, for concentrated air flow, as well as smart styling plates (with heat sensors to prevent damage) along the edges for a sleek finish.

It also has a ‘shine shot’ function which is similar to that of a straightener. When activated, the air flow function shuts off, allowing the heat from the plates to smooth and add shine to your strands as a final step in the styling process.


Is The Duet Styler Better For Your Hair?

Ghd developed the Duet Styler with the aim of reducing heat damage to your precious locks.

The announcement reads: “Featuring a unique ghd styling chamber which combines state-of-the-art internal airflow aerodynamics with 4 smart low-temperature plates, ghd duet style efficiently dries and styles hair simultaneously, with faster styling and superior hair results.”

It also promises twice the shine and 25% longer-lasting frizz control. A far cry from the torment we endured in the 2000s, indeed.

Where To Buy The Duet Styler

The new ghd Duet Styler is available in black and white and will set you back $595. You can shop it online at ghd, here.

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