We Tried ghd’s Latest Hair Gadget And Here’s Our Honest Review

Va va voom.

Remember when you used to get your friends to use an actual iron to style your hair? Boy has technology come a long way since then.

We already have ghd to thank for a lot of good hair days (special shout out to the oracle) and now there’s a new hot brush in town, here to solve our lack of volume problems.

The ghd Rise is a rounded barrel hot brush with nylon bristles, designed for maximum root lift. Just like when you go to the hairdressers for a blow-dry, it’s designed to provide full-body bounce, whether you’re creating a smooth, wavy or curly style. The only difference is you don’t need a brush in one hand and a dryer in the other. It’s got you covered in one.

ghd rise

Unlike the ghd Glide (its predecessor that basically broke the internet), this hot brush is more about creating height and voluminous movement, rather than taming unruly frizz and texture.

So with some flat, lifeless hair in tow, we put it to the test. Here’s our verdict and the bits we think you should know.

ghd Rise review

1. It’s really versatile

The ghd Rise is similar to a medium-sized curling wand, only instead of a smooth surface, it’s covered in 5mm bristles. This instantly eliminates any slipping or the need to wear a glove; you’ve got full control. You can brush upwards from underneath at the root to create lift, brush the ends outwards for flicks, or wrap an entire section around the barrel to create curls. We’d say it’s more versatile than the Glide, and great for creating all kinds of movement for limp, flat hair types.

ghd rise before after

2. Accidents can happen

When creating the above curls, one section did get stuck in the bristles. Oops. With a little tugging, it came undone without damage, but we’d recommend watching a tutorial before your first attempt and sectioning cleanly.  

3. It has one heat setting

The Rise has a single, sleek button. On/off is your only option, with the temperature sitting consistently at 185ºC. When it comes to root lift, you can get comfortably close to the scalp for better styling, thanks to the smooth bristles and even heat distribution. It’s the closest contact we’ve ever experienced with a hair tool without getting scorched. 

4. It’s ideal for those who can’t blow-dry

If you’ve never been able to get the knack of a voluminous blow-dry at home, this tool could be the answer. It can’t be used on wet hair, but it will provide a similar finish to the brush and dryer technique, only easier to handle in a single swoop. It’s lightweight too, so your arms won’t get tired while practising – very important.

$280 at and in ghd Elite salons

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