The Three Skincare Products Under $20 That Gigi Hadid Swears By

The model just revealed her at-home beauty routine
We always assume celebrities have extensive (and expensive) beauty routines, but it’s definitely welcome news when they reveal that actually, they use the same affordable products we do. The latest celeb to reveal their relatively cheap skincare and makeup routine? Gigi Hadid.
The model listed her favourite products during a video with Vogue, revealing that she’s a long-time fan of St Ives Apricot Scrub, as well as Cetaphil Daily Face Cleanser to remove makeup after shooting. “I’ve always gone for drugstore skincare,” she says. “I just always wanted good products and I don’t think you have to pay a lot for that.”
Another affordable product she loves? Lanolips – specifically the Multi-Balm in Strawberry. “I dab it on where my skin feels dry, sometimes on the tip of my nose. I find that right where my eyebrows start gets really dry. I think that eyebrow product and pencil goes on better.”
Gigi also let slip that she’s a big fan of using toothpaste to heal pimples – a controversial hack as some people say it irritates skin. “I put toothpaste on spots at night, and it dries it out,” she says in the video. “I might get in trouble for saying that, but that’s what I do.”
Still, she likes some high-end products. Plant-based skincare brand Odacite gets a mention, as Gigi Hadid mixes their serum with Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream, available at Sephora Australia.
On the makeup front Gigi of course uses Maybelline, as she is an ambassador. She goes light with foundation, mixing Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Face Primer with Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation. She then uses a Maybelline concealer for her under eye area.
To finish her look she enhances her eyes with the Maybelline Nudes Of New York palette, plus mascara, blush and cream highlighter.

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