Gilmore Girls Eyeshadow Is Now a Thing

Because everyone should own an eyeshadow called "Vicious Trollop."

If the release of Gilmore Girls: A year in the life can’t come soon enough, feast your eyes (and eyelids) on this series inspired makeup palette.

If you’re a die hard fan and are counting down the days until November 25, you’re gonna love this new makeup palette by Brija cosmetics inspired by the beloved show.

The brand frequently combines cosmetics and pop-culture, for those of us who love television and makeup in equal measure. There’s even an eyeshadow called ‘Take a selfie- Eddard Stark,’ which we are sure Sean Bean would look a dream in. (If he developed a penchant for bronze glittery eyeshadow.)

Although we’re not sure the au naturale beauty Rory would actually wear some of the colours in the palette, they are bright and fun alongside more neutral, matte shades.

Fans of the series will also appreciate the names of the colours with shades like “Am I Crying or Laughing?” a line uttered by Melissa Mccarthy’s character Sookie and “Grumpy Concierge,” which is a smoky grey.

The 17 piece set would set you back $98.50 but if that number gives your bank account anxiety, you can get individual shades in pots for $5.50 each.

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