Gisou Is Launching At Mecca Next Month And It’s The Summer Haircare Saviour You’ve Been Waiting For

There's a lot of buzz about this brand.

Honey and haircare probably aren’t two things you’d think would go hand-in-hand, but one brand is making a serious case for it. Say hello to Gisou, the brand which is all about the bees. 

You might’ve heard the name before, or seen the incredibly luscious tresses of the brands founder, Negin Mirsalehi. We’re not kidding when we say she has some of the most enviable tresses on the planet, and it’s all thanks to the brand she’s lovingly created, and unsurprisingly swears by. 

‘Gisou’ which translates to “golden hair lock” in Persian, was created in 2015 by Mirsalehi and her co-founder Maurits Stibbe. The honey-based collection is inspired by Mirsalehi’s parents (her mother is a hairdresser and her father is a beekeeper), so it’s like the coming together of two worlds, the beauty and the bees. Isn’t that adorable? 

Besides smelling utterly delightful, it turns out that using honey in your hair actually has a myriad of benefits. Honey has a special ability to attract and retain moisture from the air, meaning it can really help to revitalise dry hair, by softening, soothing and sealing in hydration. It’s also said to help retain shape (particularly curls), so if your hair has a habit of looking lifeless, it could be a real saviour. 

It also boasts antibacterial properties which can help with scalp conditions like dandruff and eczema. 

So, now that we’ve got you on board with the whole honey haircare thing, it’s time for the best news of all. Gisou hair is officially landing on Australian shores, finding its forever home at Mecca

The beauty giant will be stocking all of the brands cult products, from the honey-infused hair oil to their hair perfume and everything in-between (including the shampoo, conditioner and mask). As you can imagine, we’ll be taking one of everything, especially given that summer is just around the corner and we want our hair looking as luscious as possible. 

Gisou will be launching at Mecca on the 28th September. 

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