Someone Has Glued Tinsel To Their Eyelashes To Create A New Christmas Accessory

Tinsel. Not only for trees

There is someone seemingly more Christmas-mad than the rest of us.

Regina Talpa is a 22 year-old Instagram user from Sweden (@coolgirlswearmugler), who has created glistening tinsel lashes. She has taken the cake by deciding that tinsel can double as a beauty product as well as a tree dazzler. If you’re looking to go the extra mile this Christmas, take note.

Regina has received much praise for her creative concept, with many Instagram users commenting how much they like the lashes. Talpa revealed the method to her Christmas madness on one of her posts, “I cut and glued tiny pieces of string from a glittery hair tie.” Pretty nifty idea!

This trend is obviously not going to be for everyone, which is understandable. If you’re not into cutting up glittery hair ties and gluing them to your eyelashes we recommend adding a touch of glittery mascara or some shimmery eye shadows.

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