An Open Letter To Glossier Founder Emily Weiss After The Beauty Company’s Value Hit $1 Billion

Sincerely, basically all of Australia

Glossier’s Australian devotees woke up with excited anticipation today as the cool-girl beauty brand added a juicy new addition to the product line up. However, lusting over a Glossier launch is rather fruitless when you live down under. Why you might ask? Well, our relationship with the cool-girl beauty brand is complicated. You see, we really like Glossier but it’s a one-sided love affair. Emily Weiss, we’re ready.

Glossier Inc. reached a huge milestone today, hitting a net worth of one billion dollars. The beauty startup out of New York was founded by Weiss, 33, in 2014 hot on the heels of the hugely successful beauty blog Into The Gloss. 

Additionally, the same beauty conglomerate that invested in Charlotte Tilbury announced a $100 million investment into Glossier. Weiss is tipped to take the company public revealing to the Wall Street Journal, “we are certainly in a position where… we are able to do that.”

While there was once speculation that Glossier’s goal was to build value until acquired by a large beauty corporation (Estée Lauder or L’Oréal, for example) it seems that Weiss’ mission is to take Glossier to the next level transforming it into an independent large beauty corporation of its own.

Despite the exponential growth of the company and near-constant marketing via slick worldwide social campaigns, Glossier doesn’t offer international shipping to our southern shore. Weiss’ digitally-savvy team merely continue to spout the official party line: “We are working on bringing Glossier everywhere around the world.” 

They currently ship to the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, and France. To be clear, we’re not complaining about Glossier and we couldn’t live without boy brow, cloud paint, and milky jelly cleanser (that we’ve bought in bulk on overseas trips) but we’re tired of waiting. 

(Emily Weiss, if you’re listening – our request is simple – please let us buy your oh, so lovely products.) 

What’s more? Not only do Glossier products generate huge amounts of hype, but their philanthropic approach to beauty also sets the brand apart from its competitors. It’s entirely possible to consider oneself a ‘Glossier girl’ without ever having tried a single slick of their products. Their aesthetic has infiltrated almost every corner of the beauty industry – skin first, make-up second. 

Now, back to the products because they really are darn good. Newbie Mango balm dotcom is a “hydrating, long-lasting, multipurpose lip balm and skin salve.” Designed to transport you to a tropical paradise with a single swipe.

In the last year, the offering of beauty products has expanded beyond its hero products (haloscope and stretch concealer) to include perfume, eyeshadow and most recently mascara. Beyoncé, Saoirse Ronan, and Chrissy Tegen have all worn the brand’s make-up on the red carpet. 

If you’re *extremely* keen then there are alternatives but Australia’s Post Mate service is almost as expensive as a ticket to New York. In the meantime, here are the best alternatives which you can purchase locally.

If you want to try: Soothing Face Mist 


You should pick-up: Mario Badescu, $10; at

Mario Badescu

If you want to try: Brow Boy 


You should pick-up: Benefit Gimme Brow, $40; at

Benefit Gimme Brow

If you want to try: Stretch Concealer


You should pick-up: RMS “un” cover-up concealer, $52; at


If you want to try: Cherry Balm Dot Com

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You should pick-up: Frank Body Lip And Cheek Tint, $12; at

Frank Body

If you want to try: Glossier Perfecting Skin Tient 


You should pick-up: You should pick-up: M.A.C Cosmetics Studio Face And Body Foundation, $54; at


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