This Controversial Beauty Trend Is Up By 879% According To Pinterest

Silver linings

When it comes to going grey, it can feel like a constant struggle to hide those pesky silver strands from view. However, there’s a surging trend encouraging women to skip their bi-monthly salon visits. That’s right grey hair is having a moment. It’s already been spotted on the red carpet and earning celebrities like Jessica Biel and Meghan Markle major praise for bucking tradition.

What’s more? The latest data from Pinterest is in firm agreement. With over 4.1 million beauty ideas saved by Australians every month on Pinterest, there’s no shortage of inspiration on the popular photo-sharing social media platform. 

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The latest findings reveal that people are growing out their natural grey hair and letting that silver shine through with searches for going grey increasing by 879% YoY. Here, the most gorgeous grey hair colours to inspire you!

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