The Bizarre Ingredient Hailey Baldwin Uses In Her Skincare Regimen Will Make You Squirm


Hailey Baldwin recently opened up about her pre-wedding skincare regimen revealing the alarming ingredient she incorporates in her daily moisturiser for added hydration to her 21-year-old face. 

When I explain this to people, they think I sound insane,” Baldwin told Teen Vogue. “[On my skin] I use a range of products by Barbara Sturm. She took blood from my arm and put it into a machine that spins it and separates the plasma from your blood before putting it into a lotion for your skin.”

Baldwin, who recently became a beauty ambassador for Bare Minerals, joins Sturm’s long list of A-list devotees. The Dusseldorf-based former surgeon is a trailblazer in the anti-aging world after she started developing treatments for her patients “using their own proteins,” according to her website.

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