The Biggest Hair Cut & Colour Trends Right Now

According to three international award-winning hair experts...

There’s hardly a better way to show off your sense of style and self than your hair.

Styled up or down, cut, coloured or worn perfectly natural, our hair is the ultimate tool for self-expression.

It’s also a surefire way to make an incredible transformation; one that leaves tongues wagging for all the right reasons and catches the world’s eye. And right now, big hair transformations are in.

When it comes to seeking out trends, there’s no better place to look than Australia’s (and New Zealand’s) own professionals—after all, for the last three years in a row, the global winners of the biggest international hair event in the world, L’Oréal Professionnel Style & Colour Trophy, have come from Down Under.

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Spotting what’s new—and taking it to the next level with their own transformations and work—is in their DNA (and part of what sets Australian and New Zealand hairdressers apart from the rest of the world), so we asked these world-leading stylists to tell us what’s on trend, right now.

Go Big Or Go Home

A third-generation hairdresser, and the latest global winner of the L’Oréal Professionnel Style & Colour Trophy in 2022, Claudia Cataldo, says hairdressing is “in her blood”.

Her favourite part of the job? Being a part of people’s lives in a positive way and helping them to express themselves, and the trend on her mind right now does just that.

It’s all about switching things up with colour with “big transformations…the ones people can’t help but exclaim when they see,” she says.

“Blonde to copper, or fair to rich, dark tones. I love the drama of it!”

Channel your inner colour chameleon à la Kourtney Kardashian, who’s gone from brunette to blonde (and back again) in the space of mere months. Or reinvigorate your look like Megan Fox, who debuted new rust-coloured tresses at this year’s Oscars.

Megan Fox copper red hair
Megan Fox swapped jet-black for copper in one of her biggest hair transformations yet. (Credit: @jennakristina)

As for styling? Canberra-based Claudia says the next big thing is all about embracing your hair’s natural texture.

“Straight, wavy, curly, or just a little kinky…it transforms a hairstyle into an individual expression, and I’m all for it!” she says.

Fringe Feed Takeover

Taking the international Style & Colour Trophy crown in 2021, Massimo Tirimacco has cemented his reputation as one of the industry’s most talented artistic directors—so much so he sat on the Australian judging panel for the 2022 awards.

For inspiration, he looks to “social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram” which are encouraging more people to make brave choices when it comes to their colour, cut and style.

He says “bold fringes and bangs” are bigger than ever, with celebs like Lily James, Lizzo and Olivia Rodrigo all jumping on the bang bandwagon.

Lily James bangs Met Gala 2023
Lily James showed off an Audrey Hepburn-inspired fringe at this year’s Met Gala. (Credit: @lilyjamesofficial)

Whether it be a micro fringe or sweeping curtains, Massimo says the look is all about “embracing individuality” when it comes to their hair.

Experimenting with and transforming his client’s look is always at the forefront of the stylist’s mind.

His mantra? “Have fun with your hair, it always grows back.”

Custom Colour

2019 global L’Oréal Professionnel Style & Colour Trophy winner Wendy Gunn says “natural and lived-in looks” are here to stay.

“I am seeing more clients embracing and enhancing their natural hair texture and movement,” says the Queensland-based stylist.

When it comes to colour, she says all signs points towards “multi-tonal colours”—think “mocha blondes and cool browns”—being the look of the moment.

Miley Cyrus hair 2023
Miley Cyrus embraces an updated version of money pieces, with two-tone highlights throughout her hair. (Credit: @mileycyrus)

To get the look, Wendy suggests asking your stylist for “balayage and customised hand painting” for a result that’s truly customised and made just for you.

L’Oréal Professionnel Style & Colour Trophy winners Wendy Gunn, Massimo Tirimacco & Claudia Cataldo
(Credit: Supplied)

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