The 17 Hairstyles You’ll See Everywhere In Summer 2020

New season, new 'do

If you’ve been flirting with the idea of changing your hairstyle, now is the perfect time to switch it up.

After all, a new season is fast approaching, fresh looks are emerging and inspiration is abundant (don’t even get us started on the trending hairstyles for autumn/winter 2020).

In order to provide you with some guidance amid the onslaught of options, we consulted some of Australia’s leading hairdressers to get their expert takes on the trending cuts, colours and styles for summer 2020.

So, if you fancy a new ‘do, keep scrolling for (and prepare to screenshot) the ‘it’-looks of the coming season.

Bronde hair inspiration


If you can’t make up your mind over whether to go light or dark for summer, ‘bronde’ is for you. A warm and glossy look, the main benefits of this hair colour are that it’s achievable and low-maintenance, keeping hair super healthy while offering light and shade for pops of colour and brightness.

Asymmetrical bob inspiration


An asymmetrical bob with a solid baseline showcases healthy thick ends and you can wear this either poker straight or with a wave. Try changing your part line to deep side part for added drama or [go for] that ever-contemporary, strict centre part.

beach hair inspiration


This is a really ’70s approach to texture. It’s about creating the same movements through the mid-lengths and ends but instead of a drier finish, using softer, more pliable products with a gloss finish. Poppy Delevingne and Margot Robbie do this so well, with irregular twists or plaits that add interest and a mix of textures. This looks great with soft blondes and muti-tonal shades in neutral, high-shine glossy colours.

wet look hair inspiration


Prepare to see a new love affair with gel. This is brilliant for fixing low, sleek ponies for a minimalist look. Cue: wet look, slicked back finishes with a ‘more is more’ approach to gel. The high-shine and no-stray pieces really pare back with the luxe finishing.

Fringe inspiration


If you’re considering bangs but don’t want to take the full plunge into the deep, try Dua Lipa’s floating-over-the-eyebrow solid number. This square shape is flirty but still considered serious when it needs to be on-guard. It’s also a length and shape that you can play around with. You can blow it out smooth, so it has a strong presence, or you can piece it out, so it appears soft and choppy.

french girl bob inspiration


French girl bobs are coming in hot this season. This haircut is amazing because you can wash-and-wear it. Letting this air-dry is the key to creating amazing texture with this super chic look, and it’s great for summer. Hair is all about shorter lengths and keeping things fun this coming season.

Blonde hair inspiration


Margot Robbie’s hair looks incredible on every red carpet, with her natural, dark root regrowth mixed with strands of caramel highlights to show dimension. For this look, you don’t need to have uniform highlights straight from the roots either, as this not only dries out the root area over time, causing hair breakage, but also because leaving the roots natural adds extra texture.

micro fringe inspiration


This look is amazing for how much it can open up a face and the fact that it’s great for short, medium or long hair. Maisie Williams looks amazing with this, it opens up her entire face and shows off her eyes and strong brows.

Bob inspiration


Kaia Gerber’s jaw-length bob is completely jaw-dropping and needs celebrating. Did we ever think that Kaia’s once-trademarked wavy, Californian beach-girl mane would ever be cut to this confident short length? The strong horizontal finish, which is far from a concave, box bob, just oozes coolness and don’t-mess-with-me style. Be aware though, before you take the plunge, however, as you need fine delicate facial features to pull this number off.

Hair highlights inspiration


The ‘money piece’ is a bright frame around the front hairline which has personalised after foiling or lightening. This technique lifts your complexion, makes your colour pop and will grow out very softly, with minimal upkeep or maintenance. We see the money piece remaining a big trend for the coming season.

Long bob inspiration


Lob season is coming! This look is amazing and great for people who love to wear their hair up, but also want texture, as well as the option to wear it down. It’s great for summer fashion, keeping the overall cool and chic.

Flip hairstyle inspiration


The new ‘flip’ hairstyle is still sculptural, but a little bit more relaxed and less flipped over on the ends. Like the original version, it still starts with a clean scalp which directs up towards the crown, giving it that beautiful ’60s vibe.

red hair inspiration


Haze glazing gives an illuminating sun-lit effect to the hair. To achieve this, we add a warm glaze to pre-lightened hair. The glaze picks up on the pre-lightened areas of the hair while a diluted yet warm wash of colour makes the hair glisten and the texture come alive. The palette is made up of a base shade intertwined with a warm glaze tones.

Long layers hair inspiration


This haircut is all about amazing long, face-framing layers with a solid baseline to create shape and volume while keeping the hair thick and full. It’s amazing for summer, has a ‘wow’ impact and is great for people who love a beach-wave and big hair.

ombre hair inspiration


When Bella Hadid’s hairstylist took to the bleach and peroxide to lighten her once-sable strands, we all took notice with delight. It showed us that dark hair can be lightened beautifully and look natural. The key here is adding different shades of wheat and honey tones throughout, so the colour looks already lived-in, real and far from appearing like a #FakeBlonde.

bowl bob inspiration


The bowl bob cut was originally made famous by Mary Quant in the ’60s, and has since made a comeback on the runways. To make this look work, consider your face shape to work out your fringe length.

shaggy hair inspiration


Hair is going to be deconstructed but luxe. Lots of post-punk anti-establishment soft crops and modernised early ’90s, and soft ’60s and ’70s fringes with a carefree air and minimal styling involved.

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